WASHINGTON (WFSB) – U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a woman from Stratford, CT who is accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer.

According to officials, 63-year-old Linda MaGovern approached a United States Capitol Inauguration Permieter Checkpoint at First and Columbus Circle NE on Saturday around 8:45 a.m.

Police said MaGovern displayed a metallic object, which was identified as a Military Police Challenge Coin, and stated she was a law enforcement officer and part of the presidential cabinet.

MaGovern was told to put her car in park three times and turn off the car. She was asked for her driver’s license when she began to drive forward.

She was ordered to stop her car before she fled northbound on Columbus Circle NE.

MaGovern was stopped in front of 50 Massachusetts Ave. and was placed under arrest.

She was charged with impersonation of a law enforcement officer, failure to obey, and fleeing law enforcement officers.

Officials said MaGovern was brought to CPEP and United Medical Center for evaluation before being brought to the police department for processing.

The arrest of a Stratford woman in our nation’s capitol didn’t come as a big surprise for one of her neighbors.

The neighbor we met earlier says MaGovern has lived next to her for a little more than a year now.

She says MaGovern can be a bit over the top at times, especially for what she believes in.

“She is a brilliant person. She is extremely smart," Stratford resident Maryann Lichtenberger tells us.

Maryann had nice things to say about her neighbor, Linda MaGovern, but her compliments have a tinge concern.

“She does walk a fine line sometimes in being bipolar or, I don’t know exactly, but there is something different," continued Lichtenberger.

It’s why she’s not surprised by MaGovern’s arrest in Washington D.C.

Enhanced security measures have been in place for almost a week in the nation’s capitol.

“The goal is not only security, but safety of all the all the people involved in the inauguration, the residents of D.C., all the people that are traveling into the area for the event," Capt. Joseph Loran of the U.S. Coast Guard stated.

Lichtenberger says MaGovern often talked about how connected she is with some of the Democratic party’s biggest names, like Amy Klobuchar.

“She’s, I don’t know, a little delusional about it. She had a big party for them on Black Friday. Unfortunately, she spent a lot of money preparing for the party and no one showed up," explained Lichtenberger.

Lichtenberger says she’ll be thinking of her neighbor, hoping for a safe trip home.

“I hope she’ll be all right and not have to go through too much trouble," added MaGovern.

She is the second person arrested at an inauguration checkpoint.

On Friday, a Virginia man was arrested after being found with a handgun without a license.

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