COVENTRY, CT (WFSB) - A student was pinned between vehicles in Coventry on Wednesday morning.

School officials said it happened at Coventry High School.

According to Superintendent David Petrone of Coventry Public Schools, a delivery vehicle backed into the 16-year-old female as the student exited a parent's vehicle.

She became pinned between the driver's vehicle and a parked vehicle, according to police.

It happened just as students were arriving to school for the day.

The student was conscious but transported to Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford. 

Coventry Police said the student's condition has been upgraded and her injuries appear to be less serious than originally believed. 

Firefighters and EMS personnel were called to the scene.

911 calls from the accident were released by police. One of the calls was made by the girl's parent. 

"Coventry High School, my daughter just got hit by a car in front of the school, please send emergency," the parent said. 

Police said the girl's dad was in the driver's seat when his daughter got out to grab something in the back before heading to school. 

That's when a cargo van delivering newspapers backed into the student for a moment. 

Jennifer Oliver's husband is a volunteer first responder and when he heard the call he couldn't ignore it. 

"He actually got the call on his way to work and turned around and went back because all our daughters went to the high school so it could've been anyone of them at anytime," said Oliver. 

Police urge everyone to use caution during school drop off and pick up. 

"Watch what's going on around you because there's a lot of people coming and going. There are vehicles of course school buses have certain routes they have to drive. We just want everyone to be careful and be aware of their surroundings," said Detective Jeffrey Spadjinske. 

No charges have been filed, but police said it's a possibility. 

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call Coventry police at 860-742-7331

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