Student voices echo resilience in Hartford’s “March for Our Lives” rally

Student voices echo resilience in Hartford’s “March for Our Lives” rally (WFSB)

Students in Hartford supported those around the country calling for change, courage, and activism.

High school students told Channel 3 that in 2018, they must stay on top of their math, sciences, and homework, but now they must know exactly what to do if an active shooter situation presents itself at their school.

Channel 3 spoke with sophomores from a Norwich High School who said that lockdowns and drills are a part of their school life.

“It’s still hitting me that it’s going on, it’s not just a dream, it’s real life and it could happen to me and my school,” said Norwich student, Paige Martin.

“It could happen to my sisters. It could happen to any of my friends and that’s really tragic.”

Paige Martin was joined by her friend, Madison Martin, who echoed a similar sentiment.

“All I can think about is my sisters and my close friends if somebody comes in and shoots,” said Martin. “I don’t know what I’d be able to do with myself, ever. I just want this to end.”

The pair joined the thousands for the march on the steps of the state capital on Saturday afternoon.

Channel 3 spoke with an aspiring teacher who said fear should not belong in the classroom.

“It’s sickening to me that every morning when I drop my little sister off at school I pray that she comes home safe,” said New Fairfield resident, Lyndall Goudemore.

“My students shouldn’t be learning how to cower under desks, they should be doing stuff at recess.”

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