NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) - Two students were caught on camera having sex in a classroom, and now police are investigating after it went viral on social media.

It has been the talk around town since last Thursday morning when it happened, and now the two students, ages 16 and 17, are facing charges.

The video was recorded on a cell phone last week.

Students that were in the art classroom Thursday morning said they looked over and saw two classmates having sex while sitting at a desk in the back of the room, while the teacher was preoccupied.

The students having sex had their clothes on, but multiple students were recording on their cell phones from different angles and those involved could be identified.

School officials said the student, or students who recorded it, air dropped it to “the broader New Britain high school community.”

Students said it spread like wildfire on social media like Facebook and Snapchat.

Teachers and the principal were notified by other students by lunch time in the cafeteria and a recorded message was sent to parents in the evening.

The principal also sent an email to staff on how to address the issue with students and how to be respectful saying “two students made a poor decision and now have to deal with the ramifications.”

Because the students are minors, those who took the videos and shared them could face serious charges of distributing child pornography.

"Sharing of child pornography can be a felony, no matter what age. If it’s a child or an adult. Child pornography is an illegal act," said Scott Driscoll, of Internet Safety Concepts, who is also a former Glastonbury detective.

He said there's no two ways about it, law defines the video as child porn.

"Just the mere possession of it can be an act against the law. Sharing it, a new statute came out that if you share a video of someone having sex without their consent that’s another charge," Driscoll said.

He's asking New Britain parents to start confronting their children.

"Delete it, tell a parent, get involved. We have to stop circulating these things and sharing them because while some people may think it’s funny, it has short and longterm consequences," Driscoll said.

“It was uncalled for you know, they should have more self respect for themselves, you coming to school to learn, you don’t do that on the school premises you don’t...most of all you don’t do that,” said student Eli Jahlittle.

On Monday, police said the students were both charged with public indecency and risk of injury or impairing the moral of children.

Their names are not being released due to their ages.

The incident wasn't publicly discussed at a Board of Education meeting Monday night.

The investigation is ongoing.

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