Students have mixed opinions over possible U. of Saint Joseph admissions changes

niversity of Saint Joseph has been known to educate just women, but that may soon change due to low enrollment. (WFSB)

University of Saint Joseph has been known to educate just women, but that may soon change due to low enrollment.

Now, men might be allowed to join school in coming years. Students expressed mixed opinions over the possible change to the all-women's university.

"I don't think it makes much of a difference. I mean, if you're here to learn, you're here to learn," said student Shelisa Baker.

Student Deidra Carusa believes it will help get the school's name out there.

"I think it will seriously help the school be more known," said Carusa.

However, other students are opposed to the idea of men joining.

"I like how it's all girls and men can be sometimes a little intimidating, I feel really safe there, it's a small campus," said student Stephanie Brosseau.

Taylor Houghtaling said the change could impact the school's values.

"I should just stay an all girls school because it will mess up our core value here with is all about women empowerment," said Houghtaling.

Enrollment at the university has dropped by 58 students in from 2012.

747 undergraduates are enrolled.

Although university officials said admissions applications were up this year, they have been more selective about who they admit.

Men may be able to join the school starting in 2018.

The university's president Dr. Rhona Free said in a statement, “with a budget surplus last year and another projected for this year and a high level of energy around our campus, the University of Saint Joseph will evaluate any changes from a position of strength. I am a strong believer in the value of a women’s undergraduate education and will make decisions with the Board about admitting men based on the assessments presented by the task force and we will go fully co-ed only if there is compelling evidence that doing so will enhance the experience of our students, especially undergraduate women.

The university already has some co-ed programs, including masters degrees, certificate programs and doctoral degrees.

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