MANCHESTER, CT (WFSB) -- A group of students at Manchester High School are looking to replace the school's "Indians" mascot.

According to an article in the school’s newspaper 'Harbinger,' the Student Activist Group surveyed students last spring, asking if they would like to see the mascot replaced.

“Do you find our school’s nickname and mascot — the Indians — offensive? Some of our students do and they are committed to seeing a change at Manchester High School,” the article online said.

The article goes on to say that results showed a small portion of students who were “passionate about whether they thought it was insensitive, with the majority showing indifference on the subject."

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The logo of the school used to have the letter "M" with symbolic feathers, but according to the article, school officials removed the feathers and now just showcase the letter "M."

The student group is now petitioning leaders to replace the mascot with something else.

"I am all for it. I think that our mascot is a little insensitive. I think changing the name and the team logo would be great," said Nora Hartnett, a Manchester High School tennis player. 

Drew Nielsen has mixed feelings. Manchester has a long history with the mascot, but Nielsen doesn't want his school's nickname to offend anyone, and he hopes if the high school does make a change, they listen to a wide range of people. 

"I definitely think there are some good options out there, but I feel it's something that everybody needs to be in support of, and feel like it's something that should happen for the community," Nielsen said. 

Manchester Public Schools released a statement saying, "Manchester Superintendent Matt Geary said he has been impressed with the students’ initiative, passion and approach in raising the subject. He said he personally would prefer that the high school have a different mascot but said that it is crucial that all members of the community be heard before any decision is made."

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(1) comment

Bob Lockery

This is nonsense and Channel 3 is being very inaccurate in their reporting. A very small minority of the student population is behind this. Thy find it "offensive". Offensive to who? How many of them are Native Americans? Just a group of lonely kids who have nothing better to do than attempt to destroy a tradition that dates back to before their parents were born. And I also wonder how many of these "concerned" children are members of any of the MHS sports teams. My guess would be zero.

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