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While New England might not be America’s team, they’re super fan David Edelson’s team. (WFSB)

BERLIN, CT (WFSB) -- While it seems there are a lot of New England Patriots fans out there, they may be in the minority.

A few seasons ago, New England adopted the mantra “They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us.”

This is the ninth Super Bowl in the Tom Brady, Bill Belichick-era, and maybe that’s why so much of the country is rooting against them on Sunday.

When the Patriots started the season with dismal losses to Jacksonville and Detroit, many wondered if this was the year the dynasty was coming to an end.

New England Patriots ready to take on LA Rams Sunday on Ch 3

However, coming into Sunday, even with the five Lombardi trophies, there’s an underdog mentality in New England.

There’s been doubters, there’s been haters, and after overcoming it and getting to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years, New England is once again not the fan favorite of America.

According to a study reported on by The Nielsen Company, just eight states outside of New England will be rooting for the Patriots on Sunday.

While New England might not be America’s team, they’re super fan David Edelson’s team. His Berlin yard is a shrine to the Patriots.

“Every night, people are stopping and taking pictures, beeping their horn,” Edelson said.

He represents a loyal and large fanbase, and pictures and numbers prove it.

If you compare sendoff rallies, Gillette Stadium was full.

The Los Angeles Rams didn’t see that type of support.

The Rams are making their first appearance at a Super Bowl since 2002, and New England is making their third in a row.

When looking at how many people are actually going to the game, data from HotelTonight found New Englanders are still more likely to be there for the big game.

According to the data, 25 percent of bookings in Atlanta are from New England states while 8 percent of LA locals are looking for rooms.

Edelson said every fan should witness at least one Super Bowl.

“I went in 2004 and what an experience that was,” Edelson said.

Maybe, the lackluster showing is because the fan base is still reconnecting. After spending two decades in St. Louis, the Rams have been back in LA for just three years.

Nielsen data shows the national fanbase is at 4.3 million people, while New England is at 11.5 million, nearly triples them.

See the full study here.

If you want to see how vastly different these two fanbases are, take our quiz here.

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