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Wings are one of the most popular items for game day (WFSB)

(WFSB) -- The big question many people have been asking themselves lately is what are they going to eat and drink for the ‘Big Game.’

While wings and beer are still a staple, a range of other foods and drinks are becoming more popular.

“I have no idea what I’m going to eat. Something delicious and I’m going to start my diet on Monday,” said Diane DelRosso, from Hamden.

Chicken wings still have a massive following, but fans want their wings fresh.

According to a recent poll reported on by the Neilsen Company, deli-counter wings are popular, with sales topping $650 million. That's up 15-percent from last year.

However, some football fans say they're cooking differently this year.

“We are just going to stick with little hot dogs and nachos loaded with stuff,” said Vivian Orsini, from Rocky Hill. She said there won’t be any wings this year.

Speaking of nachos, cheese is also a popular and has doubled in online sales, from more than $442,000 last year to more than $894,000.

Wings might trump everything, but many people are being health conscious and adding in cauliflower for game day.

In fact, making specialty dishes with the vegetable is so popular, purchases are up 19 percent.

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After figuring out what to eat, then it’s time to figure out what’s to drink.

“Wine and cocktails. There's always lot of options but I’d rather have wine,” DelRosso said.

According to the study, wine ranks high, making it the most popular alcohol with women.

Then there’s the hard seltzers. The low-calorie malt beverage has been tripling in sales since 2016.

There’s also beer, which is still a popular item, especially among men.

No matter what you're eating or drinking, many say it's a fun day to spend with family and friends.

“I like getting together with people and the family and just having a good time together,” said Jeremy Stuck, of Bristol.

Check out the full study here.

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