HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Many are wondering how much money tolls would raise if they came to Connecticut.

The state spent $2 million on a study to answer that question.

In total, the study said the state could raise about $1 billion a year.

The state estimates it will cost more than $370 million to deploy the system, with an additional $138 million a year in operating and capital costs.

Do you want to see tolls in CT

A new study says the state could potentially raise $1 billion a year from tolls.

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In the study, tolls would be installed on the majority of the state's highways, including routes 15, 9 and 2.

There would be a total of 82 gantries, or overhead scanners.

The state's new governor supports tolls.

"My position on electronic tolling is very clear. We are going to focus on just on those big tractor trailer trucks and that will raise something like $250 million, something I think I can get through this legislature," Gov.-elect Ned Lamont said.

Rhode Island installed tolls on trucks only and is now being sued.

What could tolls cost Connecticut drivers? A trip on I-84 from Danbury to Waterbury would be $1.40.

A trip from the New York line to Hartford is $3.47. Southington to Hartford is $1.21, and New Haven to Hartford on I-91 would be $2.09.

Opposition to tolls is strong. The House minority leader says 82 gantries for a small state like Connecticut is a lot.

"People talk about New York and Massachusetts, they have them and they work fine. They have so many fewer tolls then any of these proposals, it is a nonstarter to me still to have 82 tolls in this state,” said Republican State Rep. Themis Klarides.

Tolls will more than likely be brought debated again when lawmakers and Lamont start the session in February.

The study also breaks down where toll revenue would come from, estimating 40 percent of earnings from out of state drivers.

Plus, Connecticut drivers could sign up for an EZ-Pass for an up to 50 percent discount.

For a closer look at the entire tolls study, click here.

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