As much of the state waits for Sunday snow, there will be sun and chilly breezes through much of Saturday.

"Clear and mostly tomorrow too. Most of your weekend is fine, it's actually the Monday morning commute that's really going to be most effected" meteorologist Mike Cameron said.

It's cold outside with the Hartford area falling into around 18 degrees.

There are wind chills in areas like Salisbury and Windsor Lockes.

"You can count on a sunny sky all the way through the end of the day," said Cameron.

It will warm up to the low 30's towards the middle of the day.

Then snow will likely begin late Sunday statewide.

"Although Early Warning Pinpoint Doppler isn't showing any snow falling now, we do have some in the near future. As we've been talking about, late Sunday is when we think it's going to start to snow," Cameron said.

The snow might quickly exit the state by Monday morning.

It is currently heading through the northern plains towards Connecticut.

Track the storm with our live pinpoint doppler.

"As it moves to the east you'll see that band of snow will be coming closer to Connecticut around 6 p.m. and then as we go through Sunday night that's when we expect to see snow," Cameron said.

As it tapers off, it might get warm enough that it will turn to drizzle or become an icy mix, but it will be predominately snow through Sunday night and Monday morning.

"We would see snow starting around 7, 8 o'clock at night across Western Connecticut"

The Salisbury area could see as much as five inches.

The Hartford, Fairfield and Manchester areas could see one to four inches and the New London coastal area is predicted to have one inch.

These predictions are only if the snow does not leave the state Monday morning. If it does leave, there will be smaller snow totals.

More details are available in the technical discussion.

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