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The Diocese of Norwich released a list of priests accused of sexual abuse (WFSB)

NORWICH, CT (WFSB) - A support group for victims of sexual abuse by priests and clergy says providing lists of abusers is not enough and wants the statute of limitations amended or removed.

The Catholic Diocese released the most recent lists of priests.

That organization called “Snap” is a global one.

They say the problem of sexual abuse by the clergy isn’t just in Connecticut, but everywhere and the church needs to be more transparent.

“We want the full extent of the truth about sexual misconduct,” said Gail Howard, Snap Spokesperson.

Snap spokesperson Gail Howard of Redding claims she was abused by a Roman Catholic priest in 1964 when she was 17.

The Diocese of Norwich released a known list of 43 priests who they say were alleged to have abused minors since 1953.

Snap says the list doesn’t include where abusers lived and worked and when, so others who were wronged years ago could get justice.

“It’s impossible to believe that they were relocated after accusations made and no one knew,” said Tim McGuire, victim from New London.

State Representative Devin Carney has filed a bill this session to eliminate the statute of limitations for filing civil suits, which now stops at your 48th birthday.

“I think the State of Connecticut should give them the means to get that justice that they so desperately deserve and need,” said Carney.

Norwich victim Andrew Aspinwall settled and knows there are more victims who have never come forward, and now can’t sue.

“It happened. You know it happened no matter what age they are. They need to be settled,” said Aspinwall.

Snap Connecticut says they have 70 survivors who claim they were once abused by priests. The organization now wants Connecticut to set up a hotline for victims to help them heal.

“They want the church to admit what was wrong they want to be in court and they want the government representing the people of Connecticut to say you were wronged,” said Howard.

Snap says since august they’ve had 15 new survivors reach out to them for help, and at the same time, identified more alleged abusers.

For more information on Snap, click here.

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