WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) -- A police chase that stemmed from an East Hartford investigation ended on I-84 west in Waterbury on Friday afternoon.

It started on Regis Street in East Hartford on Friday where an officer responded to a complaint about a suspicious parked or stopped vehicle.

While the officer was out of the cruiser, the female driver took off, hitting the officer in the process. 

Neighbors watch in horror as the woman driving this Honda accord hits an East Hartford police officer with her car. Luckily he was not seriously injured and is able to jump in his cruiser and pursuit the suspect.

"When it went by I knew it was her," Edward Wnek said Friday. "And then I saw a cop chase her and the next thing I know two other cops went after her and the chase was on."

That led to a police chase ending up on I-84 west.

Watch the full chase here.

It was captured on Dept. of Transportation traffic cameras spanning from Farmington to Waterbury. Several state and local police cruisers are seen chasing after the suspect.

The chase eventually came to a stop at the Austin Road exit on I-84 west.

Officers surrounded the car, and the female was ultimately taken into custody.

The officer who was hit by the suspect's car only suffered minor injuries and was able to get back into his cruiser to chase after the suspect.

Retired State Police Lieutenant and Eyewitness News Law Enforcement Analyst J. Paul Vance says the DOT camera footage shows troopers appear to have done a good job isolating the danger prior to the arrest.

"In law enforcement you don’t want to chase if you don’t have to," Vance said Friday evening.

The current police pursuit standards were set in 2000 - officers weigh the danger a chase would create against the harm a fleeing suspect could produce. The legislature is considering a uniform chase policy.

"You figure if somebody’s running from the cops they gotta be hiding something," James McCabe said Friday.

East Hartford Police have not released the name of the suspect or any charges as of Friday night.

Stay with Ch. 3 as more information becomes available.

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Nice job officers!


Did they catch the person who jumped out of car on video

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