PLYMOUTH/GUILFORD, CT (WFSB) - A crash involving a stolen SUV in Plymouth Thursday night is linked to shoreline vehicle thefts along the shoreline.

Just after 6 p.m. Thursday, Plymouth police responded to a crash on South Main Street near Greystone Road.

When officers arrived, it was determined that one of the cars involved was a 2020 BMW X5 that had been reported stolen out of Madison.

Plymouth Police asked residents to stay inside their homes after a crash involving a stolen SUV.

The suspects had already fled.

That's when police had asked residents in the area to stay inside their homes as a precaution.

A search was conducted in the area, with the help from a Waterbury Police Department K9.

After several hours, the search was called off due to the weather and lighting conditions. 

Police had told residents if they saw something suspicious to call 911.

One of the suspects was described as a tall, thin male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.

On Thursday night, Guilford police said the suspects who stole the SUV are linked to burglaries and car thefts that have happened in their town, as well as Madison and Branford.

Earlier in the day on Thursday, Guilford police posted a photo of a suspect who walked into a home in Guilford, stole car keys and a car, among other items like credit cards, electronics, wallets, and more.

"These brazen criminals entered the Guilford home around 6am this morning. They did not care that the homeowners were home, that there was a dog in the house, or that it was daylight and they could be seen," Guilford police said in a post on Facebook.

A family hit by these brazen criminals spoke exclusively with Channel 3, saying they woke up to an awful surprise on Thursday morning. Their laptops, car, and keys were all gone.

It was around 6 a.m. when a family woke up to a sudden noise.

“I initially thought it was the garbage pick-up. I was half asleep and it didn't register with me that it wasn't the day for that,” one of the victims, who did not want to be identified, said.

It wasn't until an hour later that he went downstairs and found what really happened.

“Took all the car keys and right above that drawer, there was some computer equipment on it which they took. Some other computer equipment they ignored, but went into a closet nearby and got my wife's purse,” he said.

The homeowner is hoping the suspects get caught, but he isn't alone.

Another victim in nearby Madison had a car stolen.

Guilford police believe both incidents and the crash in Plymouth are all connected.

“We are doing as much as we can with the tools we are given, our patrols are very active. We have a lot of visibility patrol on the midnight shift when a lot of this incidents occur,” said Deputy Chief Guilford Police Christopher Massey.

It’s been uncommon, police say, for criminals to go inside homes for keys. So, whoever is caught could be facing burglary and larceny charges.

After the car thefts, the suspects went to Naugatuck where they used the stolen credit cards and then ditched two out of the three stolen cars in Waterbury.

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(9) comments


Best to keep a firearm next to your bed, these days police may not be there.


I knew it would escalate from car thefts to home invasions. They are lucky they were unharmed and I hope to God this does not escalate any further.


Well if you "hope" I am sure that will make a difference.


Reading the article helps.


Brie, oh Brie, how wrong you are. Bahhhh, Bahhhh..

Brian C. Duffy

Are you stopping by this weekend and dropping off noturdaddy?


So... at what point does this constitute home invasion charges and not just burglary charges? Seems the four conditions have been met with the fourth being the intent to commit robery.

" As any of the best Burglary and Home Invasion lawyers in Connecticut would agree, to be arrested for Home Invasion in Connecticut, four elements need to be present. First, you must unlawfully enter or remain inside of a dwelling, Simply put, this means that you cannot enter a home where someone sleeps at night without permission. Second, another human being must be inside of the dwelling at the time of your illegal entry. A co-conspirator’s or accomplice’s presence inside the dwelling is not enough. It must be someone other than yourself or another person involved in the commission of the offense. Third, you must have the intent to commit a crime inside the home at the time of your illegal entry. So, if you were highly intoxicated and accidentally went into a stranger’s home because you thought it was your own, but you had no intention to do anything inside of the home – this is not a home invasion. You need to have the intention to commit a crime, such as a kidnapping, larceny, felony assault or sexual assault. However, even if all 3 elements above are satisfied, a fourth element must still be satisfied. This fourth element can be fulfilled if either of the following occurs during the course of committing a Connecticut Home Invasion: (1) you were armed with a deadly weapon, an explosive device, or some other dangerous instrument; or (2) you or a co-conspirator committed or attempted to commit a felony against one of the individuals in the home. A felony against a person can include crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, or murder. Home Invasion is a Class A felony that carries up to 60 years in prison, 10 years of which cannot be reduced or suspended. A conviction to Home Invasion in Connecticut also includes probation and a maximum $20,000 fine." -


All these dangerous people and situation because of Gov Malloy and the Democrats easy stance on juvenile crime. No Brie, it's not because keys are left in cars.


Police said a group of suspects broke and entered into unlocked homes in Guilford, Madison, and Branford Thursday morning to find keys to the cars they allegedly stole. Police said other personal items including credit cards, small electronics, wallets, purses, and checkbooks, were stolen from the homes. One Guilford home was invaded at 6 a.m. Thursday, according to police, while the owners and pets were in the home.

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