Take precautions to prevent your windshield from shattering in bitter cold

Experts are reminding drivers to take precautions in the cold (WFSB)

In this brutally cold weather, cranking the heat in the car is something we all do, but you could cause some damage to the windshield if you’re not careful.

It is very tempting to blast the heat as soon as you get into your car, and auto care experts say that is fine as long as your windshield doesn’t have any cracks in it.

“If there’s no impact marks, no chips, no small cracks, by turning the defroster on, it will not break the windshield,” said John Jasminski, owner of American Autoglass.

That’s especially with temperatures hovering well-below the freezing mark.

“If you’re using an ice scraper, you don’t want to hit the windshield. Also, if you’re driving behind cars that have snow on the roof, I would be careful,” Jasminski said.

He’s spent several winters repairing windshields.

“If it’s below 30 degrees or so, we do all of our windshields in-shop,” Jasminski said.

He says one thing is for certain -- windshields do not break for no reason.

He said just the cold or turning on the defroster will not crack or shatter your windshield, and added that an extra few minutes and some common sense can go a long way.

He also said if you notice a crack, get it fixed as quickly as possible, especially while we are in this deep freeze for the next several days.

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