HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is delivering his budget proposal to the legislature on Wednesday, but Channel 3 got a sneak peek at some of his suggestions.

He's looking to not only raise the age for purchasing tobacco but adding a charge to liquor and plastic shopping bags.

The governor is calling these "the sin taxes" of the 21st century.

There is a total of four proposals and they also include vaping products.

Vaping has become popular among teenagers, because of that Lamont is looking to raise the age for buying tobacco and vaping products to 21 years old.

He wants to impose a 75 percent tax on vaping products.

“I think raise the age because I think vaping is dumb. Like why would you vape,” said Molly Khan.

Lamont is proposing to put a 25-cent deposit on wine and liquor bottles.

There's already a five-cent bottle deposit on beer, soda and water.

Some like the idea.

“I think it's a good idea. I think people just throw them out all over the roads, especially the kids,” said Betsy Stankiewicz.

He's also looking to add a 10-cent tax on plastic bags.

Not only does he think this will increase revenue but save the environment.

“It will make everyone do it. Right? You hit their pocketbook and that's when people react. Me included,” said Khan.

“People throw them out all over the streets and roads and they make a mess and they're not good for the environment. They last forever and forever,” Stankiewicz said.

A spokesperson for the Office of Policy and Management says, “we can leverage the tax code to accomplish valuable public health objectives, including incenting healthy behaviors and discouraging unhealthy ones.”

Plastic bags are banned in Hawaii and California.

New York City charges 10 cents for plastic bags and Maine has a 15-cent deposit on wine and liquor.

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(3) comments


Democrats are a disease


CT Already has a 'sin' tax. They tax tobacco and alcohol, then tax that tax when they charge a sales tax on the tax. Just plain theives. In CT, overall we pay 2x what residents in MA pay in taxes. How can MA survive and get less in taxes? Why are their roads in better condition the CT? It's all in the corruption in CT politics. BTW, Lamont was not legally elected as governor, the election was rigged by the dem's casting 50,000 more votes for governor than there were people voting.


Why all the hate on the very useful not really one use, single use plastic bags? Taxing people on tobacco, alcohol, even marijuana makes sense to me. They are done out of choice. Taxing plastic bags is strait up savage. New Britain thinks getting rid of them will solve all their trash problems. I think I live in a state with brain dead representatives. Tolls would be my breaking point. This state isn't getting better. Greed has got the best of them.

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