NEWINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Teachers and parents at one Newington school say the condition of the building is a disgrace and something must be done.

The issues at Anna Reynolds Elementary were addressed at Tuesday night’s town council meeting and now the Board of Education is calling for major renovations that will cost tens of millions of dollars. 

Now the question lawmakers must answer is how much money are they willing to spend to fix the problem? 

Teachers and parents at Anna Reynolds Elementary in Newington said the saddest thing about pictures that document the extensive water damage at their school is that it’s such a common occurrence.

“I joke that we have a wet season here at Anna Reynolds, between the snow and the rain, we end up getting a lot of dampness and a lot of damp problems that come along with it,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, a teacher at Anna Reynolds.

She said the roof has been falling apart for a decade, and that when it rains, she puts up plastic and tries to make jokes to put students at ease.

“I still have what I call a water feature in the back of my room, where there’s a trash barrel and plastic funneling all the water down into it,” she said.

However, Rodriguez and other teachers said the problem has grown so bad the last two years that it’s impacting student’s learning and their health.

“I’ve got students with respiratory issues. I have respiratory issues. There’s been a lot of visits to the nurses office because of it for inhalers,” she added.

It’s not just teachers who are frustrated either.

Newington's Superintendent of Schools Maureen Brummett told council members that the school desperately needs a major renovation that could cost $30 million. 

"Replace the core building infrastructure, heat distribution, electrical service, lighting, and plumbing," Brummett said. 

The council did not take any action during the meeting, but the mayor says they will consider the proposal. 

No town council member took a position on the proposed renovation, but they could take action at next month's council meeting. 

The renovations can only be finalized by a referendum. 

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