It was brutally cold today with morning temperatures ranging from -10 to +5. The official low at Bradley International Airport was -4. The record low for January 21st is -13, set in 1961. The record low for Bridgeport is -2, set in 1985, but this morning’s low was 5 above. While we didn’t come close to record lows, we did break a record for the coldest “high” temperature for January 21st for the Greater Hartford Area. The afternoon high was only 4 degrees. The previous record was 8 degrees, set in 1985.

Wind chill temperatures were close to -30 this morning and even by late this afternoon we had wind chills that range from near zero at the coast to -20 at Bradley International. A batch of clouds moved across the state today and there were a few patches of very light snow.


Any lingering clouds will clear away this evening and we’ll have a moonlit sky tonight with the Full “Wolf” Moon. However, it will be windy and bitterly cold. The wind will ease up a little, especially by late tonight. Temperatures will be in the single digits across much of the state this evening. Overnight lows will range from -5 to +5, but we could go as low as -10 if the wind really drops off toward morning. However, temperatures will be nowhere near record levels. The record low for January 22nd is -26 set in 1961, and that happens to be the "all-time" coldest temperature on record for the Greater Hartford Area!

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY remains in effect for all of Northern Connecticut through tonight into early tomorrow morning. Wind chills will range -10 to -20, especially this evening.


We will begin to feel some relief from the bitter cold. Temperatures will rise into the 20s tomorrow afternoon. There will be a northwesterly breeze in the morning, but the wind will become very light during the afternoon. That’s when high pressure will move across New England. It’ll be a pleasant day with mostly sunny skies, although a veil of high clouds may arrive in the afternoon.

Temperatures will fall quickly into the teens tomorrow evening, but they may tend to rise in pre-dawn hours. This is due to a thickening cloud cover. Plus, a light southerly breeze will develop when high pressure moves offshore.


The southerly flow will push temperatures up to 40 degrees or higher by Wednesday afternoon! However, the sky will be mostly cloudy, and an approaching cold front will send some precipitation our way by midday or during the afternoon. It could start out as a wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain, but it should change to all rain as the atmosphere warms from top to bottom.

A developing coastal storm will bring more rain Wednesday night and it could be heavy at times. This could potentially cause some problems with poor drainage flooding since the ground is frozen and we’ll still have plenty of lingering snow and ice on the ground from Winter Storm Yoshi. At least temperatures will remain well above freezing. Overnight lows will range from the upper 30s to the lower 40s.


The rain will continue Thursday morning and that will make for a messy morning commute. Temperatures will be above freezing, but there could be a lot of water on the roads. The coastal storm will move away from New England Thursday afternoon and the rain will come to an end. Temperatures will peak in the 40s and a northwesterly wind will strengthen. Gusts to over 30 mph are likely before the day is over.

The northwesterly wind will usher in colder air Thursday night. Temperatures will fall into the upper teens and 20s. Any standing water will turn to ice.


Friday will be partly sunny, windy and seasonably cold with highs in the low and middle 30s. A westerly wind will likely gust to 30 mph or higher.


The weekend will start out dry and cold with lows 5-15 Saturday morning and highs in the 20s Saturday afternoon. The sky should be partly sunny. Temperatures will dip into teens Saturday night and we should see an increase in cloud cover.

A weak disturbance could bring snow showers or a period of light snow on Sunday. Temperatures should reach 30-35.


For now, we are forecasting partly sunny skies and cold temperatures for Monday. Morning lows should be in the teens and afternoon highs should be close to 30 degrees.

Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest

“Copyright 2019 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved”

Copyright 2018 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved

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