Teen accused in Sterling murder to appear in court on Tuesday

Kevin Weismore was charged with murder and tampering with evidence. (CT State Police/WFSB)

The case of a teen allegedly murdering a high school acquaintance has captured the attention of the state and beyond.

Residents in the quiet town of Sterling were shocked to learn Kevin Weismore, a neighborhood teen, was arrested in the killing of TJ Allen, the 18-year-old who was missing for three weeks.

Police say Weismore confessed, and now he awaits a judge.

On Monday, legal experts said it looks like he's setting up a case based around self-defense.

They say it's going to be an uphill battle to prove it because this really has turned into a case of “he says, he says,” but Allen won’t be able to tell his side of the story.

The Sterling teen was found dead on Friday, and police said they were led to the body by Weismore.

The arrest warrant, narrated by Weismore, paints the incident as a drug deal.

He said Allen was slated to buy $500 worth of marijuana from him.

When they met in the woods, Weismore said Allen didn't have the money and instead pointed a gun at him. Weismore says he hit Allen’s hand, then stabbed him repeatedly, before ultimately hiding his body, dumping his dirt bike and burning a lot of evidence.

“He's charged with a Class A felony, the most serious type of offense,” said Hartford defense Attorney Angel Lugo. “At the time you engage in self-defense, you actually believed that your life was in imminent threat, that you were about to be harmed."

Most would say having a gun pointed at you would fall in that category, but Lugo says in Connecticut, it's not enough.

He said before the victim fights back, they need to try to diffuse the situation in any way possible. That includes running away, even giving an attacker what they want. He says it's called a duty-to-surrender property.

“You are obligated to surrender property or give them what they want, if you reasonably believe that this person will not shoot you if you give them the property,” Lugo said.

While it took three weeks for Weismore to come forward, Lugo said his entire account of the events may be called into question if this goes to trial. That's because even though the 19-year-old showed police where he allegedly threw the gun away, a police search that included canines, turned up with nothing.

Allen’s mother also told police she was "pretty positive" her son didn't have a gun.

“The issue is when you allege that you have a gun, you have to find that gun,” Lugo said.

Weismore is being held on a $1 million bond. He will be in court on Tuesday.

To read the full arrest warrant, click here.

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