WINDHAM, CT (WFSB) - A teen accused of stealing an ambulance from a hospital in Windham didn't get very far, according to police.

Jose Trujillo, 18, was at Windham Hospital on Tuesday when he stole and crashed the ambulance on hospital grounds.

Police said they responded around 8:45 p.m.

Trujillo fled on foot, but hospital employees were able to point officers in the right direction.

The suspect was found on Valley Street, roughly two blocks away from the hospital.

Police said Trujillo fought with them before being taken into custody.

One officer suffered minor injuries.

Trujillo was at the hospital to receive treatment following an earlier crash. No charges were filed in that case and it remains under investigation.

For stealing the ambulance, however, he was charged with first-degree larceny, interfering with police, first-degree assault on police and breach of peace.

He was held on a $100,000 bond.

The ambulance, which belonged to the Willimantic Fire Department, was damaged and taken out of service.

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(3) comments


When you neglect your children, this is how they behave.


Don’t you even think about holding little Jose responsible for his actions. Release him to his guardian. You noticed I didn’t say parent. That little angel just needed a ride and felt he was entitled to have the new shiny ambulance. Would be great to show off at protests. The town has plenty of extra money to get a new one. Now you go out and do whatever you please.


Bristol - he's 18. No parent or guardian necessary. No where in the article does it say the ambulance was totalled.

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