WINDSOR LOCKS (WFSB) - A Windsor locks eighth grader is leading an important discussion about racism in the community tonight.

This evening, the town held an "erasing racism' conversation - after a 14-year-old was inspired to make a difference in their town.

"People really need to know about it because they are the change," Jasmine Hurdle said Thursday.

The Windsor locks middle school student says she has faced some prejudice in her life.

And after reflecting on what's going on across the country, and her own town, she contacted first selectman Chris Kervick to let him know what needs to be done.

"A lot people feel that it’s uncomfortable to talk about," Hurdle said. "So I really want to bring awareness."

All eyes were on Jasmine and a panel of diverse speakers. All sharing their experiences being a person of color in Windsor Locks.

"I went to my mom and asked why people don’t like me for my skin color," Hurdle said. "Am I wrong, am I dirty? And she really had to explain to me that I had value. That I am important."

Jasmine says racism, diversity and inclusion is an important topic for her.

She hopes it will be just as important for the people who attended tonight.

"I want them to learn that just because you don’t see racism, doesn’t mean its not happening," Hurdle said.

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(4) comments

Eyes On The Issues

How many whites were allowed to speak about the massive systemic racism, they have to endure since 1960's getting worse every year.


Nope nope and nope. There is no such thing you whiner.

Eyes On The Issues

I wish I was there to inform her of her racism and the racism being pointed toward white people, including town officials.


Hahahahahahaa. You inform us only of your idiocy by posting here.

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