Teens pulled man from Billings Lake in North Stonington

Emergency crews responded to Billings Lake on Monday (WFSB)

A group of teens rushed into action by helping pull a man from Billings Lake on Monday evening. That man was transported to the hospital, however his condition is unknown at this time.

The teens said they were hanging out on a rock on the shore of the lake when they saw a group of people swimming toward a piece of land in the middle of the lake.

Suddenly, they saw one of them disappear under murky water.

"It did not seem real at all. It didn't seem real. I heard the people that were swimming out to the island yell '911, call 911 my friend is under water'," said Jazzmin Krohn, who knew right away what she had to do. "I didn't know I could swim like that until someone's life depended on it. The adrenaline took over, there was no fear at that point at all."

After about 10 minutes they were able to locate the victim, who she said she believes is in his early 20s.

"We were like pulling him to shore and lifting his body, but it was just like a dead weight. We were trying to keep his head up from the water, but he was just blue," said Krohn after an exhausting rescue attempt.

Investigators arrived just as she helped pull the victim to shore.

Krohn said she did everything she could and now she's just hoping the man is okay.

"It was very emotional, and I felt like it won't hit me until tomorrow."

Connecticut State Police only confirmed that they were called to a possible drowning and that a man was taken to the hospital.

Billings Lake is located on Billings Lake Road. There are signs posted at the lake warning people not to swim, but witnesses said it happens all the time.

Stay updated with Eyewitness News as more information becomes available.

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