Terryville library eying cuts amid state budget crisis

Programs at the Terryville Public Library in Plymouth could be on the chopping block because of the state budget crisis. (WFSB)

On the 97th day without a state budget and no real compromise in sight, cities and towns are watching and waiting as the battle continues.

They said each day without state aid becomes more dire.

The town of Plymouth said it is really feeling the pinch.

Inside the Terryville Public Library, patrons can ironically learn about managing money.

“The hard part about this is we are trying to figure out the answer of a problem and we don’t know what the problem is," said Mayor David Merchant, a Republican.

Merchant said one big problem is that they're still waiting on nearly $10 million from the state.

"What we’re trying to do over here is brace for impact and we don’t know what that impact is going to be until that budget is signed up in Hartford," he said.

In the meantime, every department is being looked at, including the library, which hosts many free community programs.

“[My son] comes to the Thursdays and Fridays program when they have it just to be able to interact with the other kids and socialize," said Kerry Foley, a parent.

The library said it's even looking at scaling back it's daytime hours.

“It would be upsetting if we couldn’t bring him here and have the programs because they’ve been really good," Foley said.

For Plymouth, state aid makes up more than 20 percent of the town budget.

“This little community cannot sustain $10 million in a budget year, [it] cannot," Merchant said.

The mayor said the potential cuts are just the beginning of the story.

The next chapter could be even more painful.

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