Malloy holds back state funds to cities and towns

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It took over four months, but Connecticut lawmakers finally passed a state budget which the governor signed at the end of October.

More information is now being released about the cuts in that budget, including a program that helps the elderly and the disabled with their rent.

It's called Renters Rebate Program and it helps thousands of people, especially those who have very little income.

"I just want to know what's going on. I wish they had told us there was going to be a problem,” said Linda Colturi, who lives on a fixed income.

She lives alone in a small apartment in Vernon and hasn’t been able to work for years because of a blood disorder.

The only income she has is social security.

"It pays my bills every month and that's it, you have to pay your bills. I am not looking for a handout or anything, I am not trying to do that,” Colturi said.

She recently found out about the Renters Rebate Program which helps the elderly and disabled on low-income get some relief.

The maximum is $700 a year for individuals and $900 for married couples.

During the budget stalemate, the program was on hold and people like Colturi have been waiting for that check.

"It is important because you depend on that check and with the holidays coming,” Colturi said.

The program is going to start up again. In fact, on Tuesday lawmakers are expected to clarify how the money will be given out, but there is a big change. There will be a lot less money. In 2017, the program had $27 million, next year about $13 million, which is less than half.

Colturi worries if she’ll still be able to get some help.

"I am sure a lot of people are going to be upset like I am,” Colturi said.

There are cuts to other programs as well.

One non-profit said because of the budget crisis they have closed four group homes and two day programs.

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