HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Thousands of third-party electric customers in Connecticut will be getting refund checks.

It all comes after billing errors dating back to 2016.

Attorney General William Tong has been keeping an eye on this since 2015, when he urged the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to do something to make sure electric suppliers' rates were accurate.

Officials say in some cases, electric bills listed the wrong "next cycle rate,” charging consumers more than they should have.

"Thousands of Connecticut consumers will see substantial refunds soon due to this egregious billing error by third-party electric suppliers. I am grateful to former Sen. Len Suzio for identifying this significant problem. The Office of the Attorney General fought to ensure complete refunds to all impacted consumers, and will continue to ensure that electric suppliers adhere to consumer protection laws through both advocacy and enforcement. Electric rates are too high in Connecticut as it is, and consumers cannot afford to overpay, especially as a result of systematic error and noncompliance with consumer protection laws," said Attorney General William Tong.

Third-party suppliers who must provide refunds include: Aequitas Energy, Inc.; Agera Energy, LLC; Ambit Northeast, LLC; Choice Energy, LLC; Constellation New Energy, Inc.; Direct Energy Services, LLC; Discount Power, Inc.; Energy Plus Holdings, LLC; Engie Retail, LLC d/b/a Think Energy; Hiko Energy, LLC; Liberty Power Holdings; Major Energy Electric Services, LLC;; North American Power and Gas, LLC; Reliant Energy Northeast; Perigee Energy, LLC; Spark Energy, LLC; Town Square Energy, LLC; and Verde Energy, LLC.

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Matthew Davidson

Is there a place where we can track our refund(s) or will we need to check with each of our respective suppliers? I haven't heard a peep from anyone about this so how sure is the state that people will get their refunds.


"Electric rates are too high in Connecticut as it is". Yes, that is correct. However, it's laughable to hear Democrats complain about high electricity rates when THEY are directly responsible for shutting down coal and nuclear plants. When you reduce the supply of electricity, the price of the remaining electricity will rise. Shutting down cheap, efficient, fully-depreciated coal plants was practically insane. This is a direct consequence of Obama's policies. "Global warming" is a farce and a hoax. How much more of our economy will the Left destroy if they get the chance?


I used at least 4 of those providers. I'll await my check for $1.40.


Why are they refunding only back to 2016? I have documentation that they were ripping us off as far back as 2009. Sounds like our AG is taking kick backs so they thieves don't have to pay back all they stole. Typical CT

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