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More than a hundred bills were passed during this legislative session, but some lawmakers say Connecticut failed to better protect women from sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The bill was called the Time’s Up Act in honor of the movement to protect women from sexual abuse.

The Senate passed the bill 31-5 but time has apparently run out in the House.

A bill that proponents say would protect women by making it easier to report sexual harassment and sexual assault along with stiffening penalties for offenders breezed through the Senate.

But to the surprise of many, it died in the House.

“It was just disappointing that the whole bill was thrown away because of certain provisions of it,” said Senator Paul Doyle.

The provisions that sank the bill in the House were over increasing the statute of limitations for some sex crimes and eliminating them for others.

The bill didn’t even come up for a vote in the House.

Senators Paul Doyle and Mae Flexer say the bill’s critics aren’t even stepping forward.

“I think it was a hang-up people should have discussed in public frankly and some of the things people discussed behind the scenes where frankly really disappointing. We are talking about heinous sexual assault felony crimes that we were looking to extend the statute of limitations for,” said Flexer.

The irony is the bill was inspired in part by high profile sexual assault cases like Bill Cosby in Pennsylvania and Larry Nassar in Michigan. Those states have open-ended statues of limitations for sex crimes, Connecticut still does not.

“The victims of people like Larry Nassar and Bill Cosby would not have been able to get justice in the state of Connecticut and thanks to the inaction of the Connecticut House of Representatives that will continue to be the case,” said Flexer.

Now there is already no statute of limitations for Class A felonies in Connecticut.

This bill would have wiped them out for crimes like forced rape and rape by drugs.

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