(WFSB) – Channel 3 Meteorologist Connor Lewis gives some tips on how to be safe during the dangerous cold and wind this weekend.

If you are outside for work Saturday or just going for a walk, you will want to put on a synthetic base layer, a second cotton layer, wool socks, scarf, and a coat.

With the wind, it is important to cover as much skin as possible with a ski mask, gloves and hat.

The first sign of hypothermia is your core body temperature falling below 98 or 95 degrees.

You will feel cold and begin to shiver. More advanced stages will affect the brain. You will become disoriented, have memory loss, and lose muscle coordination.

Any of those neurological symptoms require medical attention.

The first stage of frostbite is frost nip, when your nose and ears become very painful or numb.

Frostbite or actual freezing of your skin will show up as blisters.

“We don’t want to run the fingertips under really hot water, because we could convert that into a more serious situation,” said James Mazo, M.D., Trinity Health Regional Medical Director of Occupational Health and Safety. “You want to slowly warm the body, slowly warm the hands with a nice thick heavy blanket maybe in front of a heater.”

Symptoms can develop in five to ten minutes, but it varies by person and depends on how much skin you have exposed.

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