TOLLAND, CT (WFSB) -- Thousands of Connecticut homes have crumbling foundations, and now a school is being affected.

Core samples taken at Tolland’s elementary school show the entire building is compromised.

Tolland has known it had a problem for a while, but they really didn't know how bad it was.

Now they need a plan of action.

Birch Grove Primary School is less than 20 years old, but it may have to come down as inferior concrete with pyrrhotite is within the walls of the entire school.

"We have confirmation that the foundation really is affected and we have to find a solution sooner than expected,” said Town Council Chairman Bill Eccles.

He said this is a big undertaking, and that they may have to tear down the school and build another one at the cost of about $40 million.

If that happens, they’ll have to move hundreds of students while there is construction.

The only silver lining is they have a little time.

Engineers said repairs will have to start in five years.

"The plan, at this point, is to put together a committee that's going to be town council, board of education and citizens directed, so we have bright minds in this town we will use those brains to find the best path forward,” Eccles said.

The town is hoping the state will come through with some money.

Tolland parent Anastasia Litke has two small children, and her daughter Adelaide just started preschool at Birch Grove.

“It’s a beautiful school and we have been really happy there,” she said. "It's not just affecting homes, it’s not a quick fix. Now it's going to affect our kids."

There could be room at the middle school and the high school to put some of the younger kids until construction is finished.

Crumbling foundations are a major problem, especially in that part of the state.

State lawmakers have agreed to help out with $10 million, and a special insurance company has been created to handle claims, but that’s is for homeowners.

It's not clear what help is available for schools.

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