HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Drivers received a clearer picture of the tolls scenario this week.

Thursday night, they'll get another chance to voice their concerns or support at a forum.

The only thing both Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on is that transportation in Connecticut needs major investment.

However, they can't seem to agree on from where that money should come.

People who've been attending forums about the plan seem to be split as well.

Gov. Ned Lamont said he is taking the concerns he's heard into consideration as he crafts a final bill.

However, he said it's going to take some negotiating to get enough lawmakers on board.

New numbers released on Wednesday showed how much various trips could cost drivers.

A drive from New Haven to Hartford would be $1.72 during peak hours.

Stamford to New Haven could cost $1.80 during peak time.

Danbury to Waterbury may cost drivers $1.28.

Those trips would cost less during off-peak hours.

For a more detailed breakdown of the potential costs, look here.

Now that you've seen the numbers, do you feel any different about tolls? Click here to vote in our poll.

Now that you’ve seen the numbers, do you feel any different about tolls in CT?

You voted:

Lamont said he's also looking at discounts for people who live in Connecticut and possibly adding some free bus service.

Lamont also said he scaled back is plan to add 50 gantries.

Those that would still be added would go on Interstates 84, 91, 95 and Route 15.

He continues to say that tolls would generate $800 million a year in revenue.

"We have a tolling proposal out there so we can have a dedicated revenue stream," said Sen. Carlo Leone, a Democrat from Stamford. "Find the funding that's necessary for long neglected issues the state has been facing."

"They are going to determine how much they are going to charge without one legislator weighing in," said Sen. Len Fasano, Republican minority leader. "How disrespectful could you be to the people of Connecticut by saying 'give us the authority and we will tell you how much and there isn't anything you can do about it.' That's simply outrageous."

The forum on Thursday is set to happen at Vernon Middle School at 7 p.m.

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(8) comments


This is embarrassing for our state. First it was supposed to be for trucks and trailers to get money from out of state to give us a financial boost. This breakdown proves that people affected most will be residents of the state. Almost 2 dollars to go from Hartford to New Haven? 4 dollars both ways. At least 5 days a week is $80 that you weren't paying before a month. This isn't a toll or a tax, it is theft. I see myself paying about $150 a month on tolls, I will quit my job and commit suicide.


Stop with the name calling regarding sides. This "kicking the can" into another administration has gone on in every government. I don't like to be taxed but I can't make a choice to leave right now. I will make the change when I can. Until then, we voted in the government and was aware of his intent. Let's see how this works until the next administration. This did not take four months to create.


A single incident of a chunk of ice breaking off a toll gantry and hitting a windshield at 60mph will negate the whole scheme. Millions to remove the gantries, and increased taxes to make up the difference. Crystal Ball sez so.


So, if you've been voting for the Democrat/Socialists, this is your fault. The only good part is you get to pay this tool.


Nobody voted for this. This isn't a Democrat / Republican thing. The only direction to point a finger is Ned Lamont that campaigned on a lie then did a complete 180.


If you voted Democrat then you most certainly did vote for this you're just in denial.


Has anyone considered the impact of folks working from home, forever leaving the commutation scene in CT? I'm curious to learn how we begin serious repair projects while awaiting the installation of toll collection devices, a project that I've heard may take 4 years to complete? Why can't our government learn to manage the expense side of the ledger? They always seem to rush to the "lets increase the taxes" scene. I understand the nature of fixed obligations, but in the business world, the bankruptcy process has a way of reducing or eliminating the fixed liabilities. Isn't there some relief for past stupid behavior? It's shameful to watch the continuation of the let's see how much tax we can collect. I think our state government will soon have to learn how to behave responsibly or figure out how to "tax the rubble" as that is all that will likely be left.


Stop Spending! Nobody believes tolls will actually go for infrastructure. It will be eaten up by redundant commissions, and to support even more non taxpayers to move to CT, whilst driving CT Taxpayers out.

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