Top 40 toys chosen by kids revealed by Walmart

Walmart revealed their top 40 toys chosen by kids (WFSB)

A big reveal in New York today for Walmart’s top 40 toys.

These are toys that aren’t even out on store shelves yet.

Channel 3 got a look at the toys your kid’s going to want this holiday season.

The kids have spoken and chosen their favorite toys.

The results are in for Walmart’s top 40 toys.

Like the Harry Potter wizard training wands.

Or collectibles like the new Hatchimals, which are coming out October 5th.

Classics, with a new twist, like Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage and Barbie Dream House are on the list.

Gavin,11, says his favorite toy is Treasure X.

“It’s like a surprise you’re supposed to break the clay and you find out what’s inside and right now you can see a treasure box,” said Gavin Raygoza.

Walmart held its annual Top Rated by Kids toy event this summer in Arkansas. The top 40 were picked by kids of all ages and all backgrounds.

“The hundreds of toys we had at our toy testing event was very diverse,” said Anne Marie of Walmart.

This is the first year Walmart has partnered with toy influencers who are playing with the toys and testing them out to give honest reviews to shoppers young and old.

“I get to test them out and choose my favorites that everybody else can play with,” said Raygoza.

If you’re between toys for your child this season, you can check out Walmart’s top 40 list to get some input from another kid.

Starting next week, you and your family can also join in on the fun.

Across hundreds of stores, Walmart will be holding test demos.

The first event is called National Play Day.

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