Torrington BOE closes elementary school for next year

East School will be closed next year. (WFSB)

East School has been part of the Torrington district for at least four decades and many graduates of the school said they don’t want to see it closed for good.

On Wednesday night, the school board finally came to a decision. East Elementary School will be closed next year.

“As Torrington Public Schools moves forward in its restructure, the incoming Board of Education will decide the course of action that will be pursued,” the superintendent and school board chair told eyewitness news in a statement on Thursday.

“I’m really sad that they’re closing the school maybe permanently,” former student Rachel Kelly said.

An exiting board member said the district in considering several options. One, moving fifth graders to the middle school and eighth graders to the high school. The other was shifting from neighborhood schools to grade schools.

If the district needs the East Elementary facility, it’ll cost millions of dollars to upgrade.

“Other schools had the different renovations and the fact that they’re waiting until now it’s millions of dollars,” 20-year-old Mia Barbieri, who attended East Elementary, said. “If they could’ve kept up with it.”

Barbieri, who attended the school from kindergarten through the fifth grade, said it was “really tough to hear" and was “very sad overall" since she grew up in the neighborhood.

“Overall just really close with all the teachers and staff everyone was wonderful. Learned so much. I can name you like all my teachers who were very supportive,” Barbieri said. “I was close with some of the different principals.”

The superintendent and school board chair also sais this decision to close East Elementary School temporarily will also address a state regulation that refers to a racial imbalance of the school.

Channel 3 tried multiple times to speak with the superintendent and ask questions but have still not been given that opportunity.

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