Town on edge after recent hawk attacks

Hawk attacks in one local town have residents on edge

One shoreline town there have been repeated incidents of aggressive birds attacking people.

Out for a walk with her dog Brady, Martina Nolan, keeps her head up and her eyes open.

“A few days ago, I was out walking this area and I saw 3 possibly 4 flying around,” said Martina Nolan of Fairfield.

That would be these hawks, spotted nesting on Old Mill Road.

Nolan said she was out walking a few years ago, when a hawk swooped in from behind and clawed at her.

“Had this huge scratch only my head,” Nolan said.

Just last week a hawk attacked a neighbor on Old Mill Road.

And over the years, Fairfield police said they’ve had many incidents right in this area.

Nick Mirable said his daughter was attacked while walking to the bus stop.

“She stumbled and as she stumbled, she saw a shadow on the street, looked up and saw the hawk just take off above her. It was pretty serious. She had claw marks on the back of her head and the back of her neck,” Mirable said.

So why does it happen? Eyewitness News check in with the Connecticut Audubon Society.

“It’s fairly uncommon behavior for most species of hawks. Most of them they don’t bother you. It is a territorial thing, they’re just trying to protect their nest and keep it safe,” said Patrick Comins, Executive Director of CT Audubon Society.

Because of the frequency of the attacks and because it continues to happen, the plan is to come in and remove the nest.”

“In short order, the Department on Energy and Environmental Protection will be removing the nest from the tree so that it doesn’t attack anyone else,” said Lt. Robert Kalamaras of the Fairfield Police Department.

In years past, the town’s animal control office has worked with DEEP and the USDA’s wildlife services to remove the nest and the birds.

“I’m a little bit nervous, just watching my surroundings because you don’t know,” said Nolan.

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