NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- Channel 3’s spring road trip across CT comes to an end Wednesday.

The final stop for 20 Towns in 20 Days is New Haven, a city that’s known for its great food, a world-renown ivy league university, and so much more.

The arts are a big part of what New Haven has to offer, including a unique place called MakeHaven.

The space is home to a growing community of artists, craftsmen, and beginners who are learning to create things with their own two hands.

“It really helps your self-confidence and self-esteem to know that you put work into something and were able to master it,” said Meghan Tuttle, a MakeHaven member.

MakeHaven’s Executive Director J.R. Logan said the wood shop often gets people in the door, but there is something for everyone, from craft brewing, to ham radio, to even metal working.

“People come in, maybe a little intimidated, and we tell them that there really is no experience required,” Logan said.

MakeHaven is a non-profit open 24/7 on Chapel Street.

Members pay $50 per month, and the space is staffed by a team of volunteers.

“I just love it, I just love the looks on their face. It’s just a part of life,” said volunteer Regina Bohn, a seamstress.

Professional artists like Christopher O’Flaherty, of Lunch Money Print, also use to launch small businesses.

“This space has given me the opportunity to create art create frames and develop my business. I wouldn’t even be in New Haven if not for this space, so this is why I’m in New Haven,” O’Flaherty said.

Logan is proud of what MakeHaven has already created, but he believes, in this space, in the city, the future is limitless.

“There’s people around who are passionate, ready to share those ideas and collisions and dreams come out of that,” Logan said.

During a tour of New Haven, you can’t go without stopping for pizza.

New Haven is a mecca for pizza, thanks largely to several iconic restaurants—the original Pepe’s, the spinoff Sally’s, and the new kid in town, at 85 years old, Modern.

Ch. 3’s Roger Susanin teamed up with Alycia Chrosniak, of CT Eats Out, to taste test each spot.

Pepe’s is known for its world famous white clam pizza.

“It’s so good. There is nothing like a good white pizza,” Chrosniak said.

Next was a sample of Modern’s iconic Italian Bomb.

“Modern is one of the rarities in the New Haven pizza scene where their specialty actually has a lot of toppings on it and it feels good to have some substance to a pie,” Chrosniak said.

Finally, stopping at Sally’s to try its signature pie, the original red.

“You just really get the purity of the ingredients on this one,” Chrosniak said.

Roger’s daughter Genevieve even got involved in the taste testing!

Also during the visit to New Haven, Ch. 3 is making a $1,000 donation to City Seed, a nonprofit organization that provides access to fresh and local food for all New Haven residents.

For more information on City Seed, click here.

On Wednesday, Roger Susanin will also be live at Hillhouse High School, where a GoFundMe page has been started for the school's marching band. Check it out here.

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