WILLINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Another stop along the way on the 20 Towns in 20 Days train is in Willington.

Forget the big city life, because the small town is sure to charm you with its beautiful scenery and quaint personality.

In the heart of Willington, historical landmarks replace businesses, from the World War I memorial honoring two of Willington’s heroes, to the old post office.

“If you look across the green, that’s the Hiram Rider House,” Bob Shabot, president of the Willington Historical Society, pointed out.

It was home to the man who served as a town judge, county sheriff, and town selectman.

However, Willington's pride is Jared Sparks, the mathematician, former Harvard college president, and historian who focused on George Washington.

When Willington was incorporated in 1727, shells from the south pacific were turned into buttons, and production made by the glass company was booming.

Most of the mills went out of business in Willington, and the most notable was Garner Hall Jr. Thread Company.

“They even built their own school, which is still in use today by the town,” Shabot said.

Those who live in the rural town would trade the big city sights for the views they see and great company, any day.

“It’s actually really nice, just because we get to know each other, we all grow up together. We’re all super close, everybody knows everybody,” said Natalie Velez, of Willington.

There’s also the 300-acre Fenton Park, where you’ll find 5 acres of hiking trail.

While some want the town to bring in more businesses, others like it just the way it is.

“It’s a great place to live,” said Barbara Dennis, of Willington.

“We just enjoy being in the quiet corner,” Shabot added.

Channel 3 explored everything the town has to offer, including the River and Rail Café, and the word special doesn’t even begin to describe the experience.

The conductor in the kitchen, Patrick Ryan, moved up the ranks to fulfill his dream.

Two years ago, he persuaded the former owner to sell.

He has perfected the menu, and included items that are named after his family.

From the ‘Penny Rose’ to the ‘Griffinator,’ which is a twice on your normal breakfast sandwich.

If you’re looking for healthier option, try the ‘Granny’s No Nonsense,’ which is yogurt and granola, and fresh fruit and honey.

But when it comes to breakfast, there’s a top seller called Oona's, which is two eggs, home fries, and toast.

It’s named after Ryan’s daughter Oona.

She’s quick on her feet during breakfast rush hour and offers top notch service.

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