ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) - With all of the news of pipe bombs being sent to political figures and a media outlet, there is heightened sensitivity about explosive devices.

That is why some parents are concerned about a toy bomb that is sold exclusively at Target.

The toy is called Cut The Wire and the object of the game is to defuse the bomb before it pretend explodes.

Some people think that given the current climate of heightened alert, it is insensitive for Target to be selling this toy and they think it should be taken off the shelves.

The game has a recommended age of 6 and up.

It says defuse or lose, before the bomb makes an explosion sound.

Should toys like Cut The Wire be sold?

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Amanda Stuart is a mother of two girls ages 3 and 5, she thinks selling a toy like Cut The Wire at a time when some 10 pipe bombs have been sent to two former presidents as well as other political leaders and a media outlet, it just sends the wrong message.

“I just think with everything going on in the world that toy shouldn’t be brought into a home where it gives just the wrong idea I guess. It’s too scary out there. I wouldn’t purchase it,” said Stuart.

We asked viewers on Facebook what they thought of the toy bomb and while many felt it should not be on the market, and equal number felt it should.

On person wrote ‘everybody is too sensitive these days, it’s not harmful, it’s just a toy.”

Another posted “are we going to get rid of nerf guns, squirt guns, toy knives? What’s next?”

Channel 3 reached out to Target and shared our viewer concerns.

A spokesperson for Target sent in a statement saying, “We appreciate the feedback and are working to remove this item from our assortment. We do listen to customers and we take the feedback seriously.”

“Good for them, they’re taking people over profits. Good for them,” said Kevin Wetherbee.

That spokesperson told Channel 3 that they will work to remove the item from shelves and from online sales as quickly as possible, but that it doesn’t happen instantly.

They say they’ll try to get it done as fast as they can.

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