Travelers share mixed emotions following Iowa family’s death

Travelers share mixed emotions following Iowa family’s death (WFSB)

After an Iowan family of four died after toxic gas leaked into their hotel room in Tulum, Mexico, Channel 3 spoke with Connecticut commuters on their reaction to international travel.

An estimated 20 million Americans traveled to Mexico last year and Channel 3 learned that it remains as one of the top international travel destinations for families in 2018.

Channel 3 spoke with commuters at Bradley International Airport.

East Haven resident and mother, Laura Speranza told Channel 3 that a trip abroad is out of the question.

Speranza said she would not allow her college aged daughter to make the trip to Mexico for spring break.

“It’s scary to leave your home bounds, you know? I definitely wouldn’t,” said Speranza.

Mexican authorities have reported the Iowan family died from inhaling a toxic gas that was unintentionally leaked into their room in a condo. Mexican authorities are reporting no foul play involved.

Floridian resident and mother of two Stacey Moran said hearing the news of the Sharp Family is tragic, but said it would not stop her family travels.

“You never know what’s going to happen. Some things happen when you least expect it, but you know it wouldn’t deter me from going anywhere,” said Moran. “Things happen everywhere.”

The US State Department recommends travelers to exercise caution when traveling in Mexico because of violent crime.

AAA recommends working with a travel advisor, or a reputable tour company for international trips, and to remain vigilant on personal security and surroundings.

“I’ve traveled internationally with my family a lot,” said high school senior, Maddie Wasson.

“So, it’s really scary to think about something like that happening, where you don’t even know it’s happening.”

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