Donald Trump

President Donald Trump.

(WFSB) – The Trump impeachment inquiry has taken another turn on Thursday.

Two associates of Rudy Giuliani were indicted on campaign finance charges. They’re being accused of making six-figure donations to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

The indictments put impeachment front and center in the headlines. Trump, along with Senator Chris Murphy, held rallies on Thursday night.

Murphy says the new developments are adding more fuel to the fire for Democrats looking to impeach the president.

The inquiry started with the conversation with Ukraine’s president, where Trump wanted them to look into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

For the first time since the impeachment inquiry began, Trump held a rally at the Minneapolis Arena.

“We just got rid of the Russia hoax, then a week later, the Ukraine hoax starts,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Murphy held a town hall meeting in a jampacked room in Bloomfield, where he also talked about the impeachment inquiry.

“It’s getting more serious by the day. Every day, we find new levels of corruption by this administration. Today, two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates were arrested for making hundreds of thousands of illegal campaign contributions to President Trump’s re-election campaign,” Murphy said.

Murphy, who is on the foreign relations committee, called for impeachment when more details of Trump’s Ukraine conversation emerged.

“I think this inquiry is absolutely necessary. I don’t think you can let a president get away with using the massive power of his office to try to get a foreign country to interfere in an American election,” Murphy said.

The White House pushed back, going on the record saying it would not cooperate with the inquire.

Murphy says the House may bring this to court or they may make it an article of impeachment.

“The president’s naked unapologetic obstruction of the impeachment inquiry can’t stand,” Murphy said.

As evidenced in the rally, Trump is not phased by this inquiry. In fact, he said it would be a positive for his re-election.

During the rally, he jokingly said he’d like to be in office for another 16 years.

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