Two CT cities under state review for finances

The cities of West Haven and Hartford had a meeting with the state to review their finance issues (WFSB)

Two cities in Connecticut are under state review over finances.

Today the mayors of Hartford and West Haven presented their budget plans.The review board says both the cities of Hartford and West Haven have a lot of work to do to get their finances in good order.

It was clear on Thursday that one city has a much longer way to go.

A contract assistance agreement, agreed to by Hartford and the state, was enacted earlier this year. State lawmakers voted on the bill to allow to assistance in October 2017, as part of the budget deal.

On Thursday, Mayor Luke Bronin told the Municipal Accountability Review Board (MARB) that state funding is a little less than anticipated, $32 million instead of $40 million.

Board members say Bronin and his team are on the right track, but will have to keep thinking of ways to balance their budget and keep spending under control.

The review board ultimately approved Hartford’s budget for 2019

“I think they’re making aggressive changes. I don’t believe that we should by any stretch of the imagination consider that our work is done. They will continue to have to make additional changes,” said Ben Barnes from MARB.

The city of West Haven currently has a shortfall of $7.7 million for the year.

It was only about two weeks ago city leaders finally passed a compromised budget.

On Thursday, Mayor Nancy Rossi submitted her five-year plan to the review board saying she’s open to suggestions.

A big concern was the potential for West Haven to take on tier 4 status, which gives the state control over the city’s finance decisions.

At least for now, the board says West Haven has shown enough promise to evade further scrutiny.

“The result was they did take action to balance their budget. I think we have absolutely seen good faith from the mayor here,” said Tom, a board member.

The review board decided it was too premature to make a decision on West Haven’s budget.

A committee will review the west haven mayor’s 5-year plan and come back to a decision in the coming weeks.

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