WEST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Spring can’t come soon enough!

But if you suffer from allergies, get ready.

A 2019 spring allergy report ranks two Connecticut cities in the top 25 for challenging places to live.

With spring now right around the corner some people have already gone to see their allergist.

On Friday, it already feels like spring inside the green house at Elizabeth Park.

“Oh, it’s fabulous you know because when you just come in you can smell it before you even come in the door,” said Carolyn Gabel-Brett of West Hartford.

The break from winter is nice, but it’s a reminder of spring allergies on the way.

“They’re starting to ramp up now, it’s hard to tell which are the allergies and which are the colds he brought home from preschool so we’re trying to decide for which one they are,” said Damon Scott of West Hartford.

In a national ranking, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America put Hartford at 22 and New Haven at 23 in this year’s top 100 most challenging places to live with spring allergies.

John King from West Hartford says his relatives who suffer from allergies, suffer greatly.

“They have to be careful where they go, being outside at certain times when the pollen is released and so forth and medications help a little bit. They’re usually under a doctor’s care,” said King.

To protect yourself from pollen, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation says wearing sunglasses, keeping windows closed and changing and washing clothes after outdoor activities will all help with symptoms.

Gabel-Brett says her allergy remedy is acupuncture.

“I didn’t want to keep doing over the counter things, so I explored different options and I’ve been doing acupuncture successfully for my allergies in the spring,” Gabel-Brett said.

The report says pollen from trees is what gets people sneezing and itching with allergies in the spring. For more tips to protect yourself from pollen, click here.

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When will someone recognize that Connecticut has a Mold problem in all towns?

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