NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Candidates for governor Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski debated Connecticut's issues on Monday night in New Haven.

It took place at the Shubert Theatre.

The economy and taxes have taken center stage during the previous debates.

The unaffiliated candidate is asking the Republican and Democratic candidates not to participate without him. 

At last week's, Stefanowski and Lamont were asked how they planned to fix the state's problems.

Stefanowski reaffirmed his plans to phase out the state's income tax.

Lamont wants to give people a break on property taxes.

Both candidates said they want to create jobs and modernize the state's infrastructure. That would include repairing things like roads and bridges.

Where they differ is Lamont said he supports electronic tolls on heavy trucks coming in and going out of state to help make the investments.

"Tolling is just for the big tractor trailer trucks coming in and out of the state," Lamont said. 

It's something Stefanowski has been against. He said "no" to tolls.

"Of course he's going to put tolls back on the raods. We cannot afford it in this state anymore, enough tax is enough," Stefanowski said. 

Stefanowski wasted little time on Monday night. 

"Not the eight years of decimation caused by Dan Malloy and the policy Ned Lamont will continue," said Stefanowski. 

Stefanowski kept putting Lamont and Malloy together, and kept pushing his plan to eliminate the state income tax. 

"Bob Stefanowski, explain in just the vaguest detail how you plan to cut 10 billions dollars from this budget," Lamont said. 

When asked where the money would come from to fill the void from $10 billion in income taxes, Stefanowski offered no specifics and more attacks. 

"Ned Lamont's economic policy is identical to Dan Malloy," said Stefanowski. 

Also at last week's debate, unaffiliated candidate, Oz Griebel, was shut out of the debate because he doesn't have enough supporters in the polls. 

The same thing happened with his debate. Griebel says this is anti-democratic and urged Lamont and Stefanowski not to be part of the debate unless he can participate. 

"We earned our right to get on the fallout. We got 10,000 people to sign petitions, 7,500 on a ballot. We have been giving legitimate ideas," Griebel said. 

Griebel got only 4 percent recognition in a recent QU poll, but he is on the November ballot. 

Channel 3 asked both candidates if they would consider not participating in the debate on Monday night, but neither have given a response. 

Voters feel things need to change, especially small business owners. 

"Wee see average 52 people or households leaving every day and we put a house on the market and it takes months to sell because nobody is moving in," said Dale Stevens, small business owner. 

In many ways, what was heard at this debate was similar to last week's. Soon voters will have to decide which candidate will move the state forward. 

Channel 3 will be hosting a debate on September 26 at UConn. 

The Connecticut Association of Realtors hosted Monday night's debate.

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