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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- Two patients were treated for measles at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, a media spokesperson for the hospital confirmed.

A media spokesperson for the hospital told Channel 3 on Saturday that the two patients who had contracted measles were treated in the past two weeks.

Earlier in the week, the Connecticut Department of Public Health confirmed an adult in New Haven County had contracted measles.

It is unknown, however, if the person is one of the two at Yale New Haven Hospital.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health said there were three confirmed cases of measles in 2018.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that can spread quickly among unvaccinated people, according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, but most people exposed to measles are not at-risk of developing the disease since most people have been vaccinated.

Channel 3 spoke with Virginia Bieluch, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, who said the measles virus can stay up in the air for several hours after a patient leaves an area.

If someone is unvaccinated, he or she would typically develop cold-like symptoms followed by a rash.

This disease is creating outbreaks in the Pacific Northwest, which forced the governor of Washington to declare a state of emergency. There have also been more than 200 cases of measles in New York state.

Dr. Bieluck says she doesn't expect Connecticut to see numbers like that since the vaccination rate for children entering school is high.

"Other states have much more lenient vaccine policies and that's where you tend to see the larger outbreaks," Dr. Bieluck said.

The latest confirmed cases in Connecticut are being used as a reminder of how measles can be prevented. It does need to run its course, and in rare cases can lead to pneumonia or possibly death.

It is unknown at this time if the two people at Yale New Haven Hospital were related or were in contact with each other prior, according to the media spokesperson at the hospital.

A representative from the Connecticut Department of Public Health said the department is expected make a statement with an update on these cases on Monday.

This story is developing. Stay with Channel 3 for updates. 

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I had measles as a kid. Got vaccinated in grade school and when I got pregnant with our son I found out I had no immunity to the measles. I had to be vaccinated at the age of 24 again. Please do not assume you are exempt from getting anything that requires a vaccine. If you are older, have an autoimmune disease, cancer, etc. please get the blood work done to make sure you have the antibodies to fight measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Just asking.


what the news is not covering is how this came from the southern the wall!


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