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TORRINGTON, CT (WFSB) – At 12:54 a.m. this morning Torrington Police got a 911 call from a home on Dutton Hill in Torrington reporting an intruder in the house with a firearm.

Officers detained multiple people at the scene. Police and determined the intruders were Jacob Greene and Cassie Luca.

Greene and Lucca broke a window in a basement apartment door. Greene, 29, was armed with a pistol style paint ball gun with a laser site which resembled a real handgun.

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Greene pointed the laser from the weapon at one of the residents upon entry and demanded items that previously belonged to Lucca, 19. Greene then hit the male resident multiple times while Greene was on top of him.

The resident was able to get Greene’s weapon and hit him in the head with it, stopping the assault.

Greene and Lucca left the apartment and were detained by police.

Greene was sent to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in police custody. Greene had a small laceration to the head. Lucca was arrested on the scene and was taken to police headquarters. The Torrington Police Department Detective Bureau responded to the scene to continue with the investigation.

Greene and Lucca broke in with the intention of taking two pants, two tank tops, and a painting that was bought at Goodwill that Lucca left at the resident from a prior relationship.

Both Greene and Lucca were not honest with police about their intention and/or actions.

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Jacob Greene of Windsor was charged with home invasion, burglary, robbery, illegal use of fake gun, assault, criminal mischief, and larceny.

Greene was booked and is currently being held on 400,000 bail. Greene will appear in Torrington Court later today.

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Cassie Lucca of Canton was charged with home invasion, burglary, robbery, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and larceny.

Lucca was booked and is currently being held on $100,000 bond. Lucca will appear in court later today.

Police say this is a family violence incident due to it involving a previous dating relationship. Any further details must be obtained through court.

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