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HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The U.S. Virgin Islands were added to Connecticut's travel advisory list on Tuesday. 

No states or territories were removed. 

The governor's office continues to say that New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island meet the criteria for the travel advisory, but due to the interconnected nature of the region, they are not being included on the list. 

At this time, Gov. Ned Lamont said he highly discourages all nonessential travel to New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. 

Over the summer, Connecticut joined New York and New Jersey to implement a regional travel advisory, which would limit people traveling into those three states from other areas that have a high spread of COVID-19.

Folks traveling into CT, NY, or NJ from any of the states on the list must quarantine for 14 days.

As of Nov. 17, the following locations were listed in the state's travel advisory:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Guam
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

A constantly updated list can be found on the state's website here. 

Per Gov. Ned Lamont's executive order, state, federal and local lawmakers and officials coming out of Washington D.C. are exempt from the travel advisory, as long as their travel is considered government business. 

Earlier in the summer, the governor also announced that travelers are now required to fill out an online form so the state can track where they are going to quarantine.

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A fine of $1,000 may also be issued to those who violate the quarantine. People traveling to New York from listed states already face a fine of $2,000 if they don't comply. 

As of Sept. 15, Lamont said Connecticut will allow travelers coming from states with high infection rates to skip the 14-day quarantine, but only if they have a negative COVID test within three days of arriving in the state.

The travel advisory applies to any person arriving from a state with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents or a state with a 5 percent or higher positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average.

Dr. Deidre Gifford, acting commissioner of the Department of Public Health, said Connecticut will update the list of states, depending on COVID-19 case reports. If a state sees infection rates decline, it could be removed from the advisory.

Connecticut continues to have one of the lowest coronavirus rates in the nation.

“Working together as a region has proven to be immensely successful as our respective states are leading the country when it comes to our response with low infection and positivity rates relative to increased testing capacity,” Lamont said. “We have made difficult decisions throughout this pandemic, but we have proven to make many of the right decisions. This step to inform travelers form states with hot spots to self-isolate is meant to protect our residents and maintain our incredible public health progress.”

The state released a list of frequently-asked travel advisory questions along with their answers:

  • How is this going to be enforced? Failure to self-quarantine or to complete the Travel Health Form may result in a civil penalty of $1,000 for each violation.

  • How are the impacted states chosen? The advisory applies to any person arriving from a state with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents, or higher than a 10% test positivity rate over a seven (7) day rolling average. The list of states is fluid and will be updated weekly on Tuesdays on this website.
  • Who does the advisory apply to? The requirement to self-quarantine and complete the Travel Health Form is applicable to any traveler who has spent twenty-four (24) hours or longer in an affected state within fourteen (14) days prior to arriving in Connecticut but does not include an individual remaining in Connecticut for less than twenty-four (24) hours. These requirements are also applicable to Connecticut residents who are returning from a visit to an affected state.
  • What does self-quarantine mean? Self-quarantine means to stay home or in your designated self-quarantine location, separate yourself from others, and monitor your health. You should not enter any public places, including, but not limited to, restaurants, pools, meeting rooms, or gatherings, during the mandatory period of self-quarantine. You may leave your designated self-quarantine location for medical visits, to obtain medication or to shop for groceries. A self-quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. The self-quarantine helps prevent spread of disease that can occur before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus without feeling symptoms.
  • If I am traveling from an affected state to Connecticut to seek or obtain medical treatment, am I required to self-quarantine when I arrive in Connecticut? Yes, you are required to self-quarantine when you arrive in Connecticut from an affected state if you were in such affected state for twenty-four (24) hours or longer within fourteen (14) days prior to arriving in Connecticut. While you are required to self-quarantine, you may leave your designated self-quarantine location to go to your medical procedure or other medical appointment. When you do leave your designated self-quarantine location and when in public after your mandatory self-quarantine period, you are required to wear a face covering when in public and when a six-foot distance from others is unavoidable, unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one and you have written documentation that you are qualified for the exemption from a licensed medical provider, the Department of Developmental Services or other state agency that provides or supports services for people with emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities, or a person authorized by any such agency.
  • What if I am returning to Connecticut after visiting a state that was not on the list of affected states when I arrived, but was added to the list of affected states during my stay? While Executive Order 7III and the Commissioner of Public Health’s Travel Advisory require an affected traveler to self-quarantine upon arrival in Connecticut, the Department of Public Health will not pursue or levy civil penalties against an affected traveler who arrives in Connecticut following a stay in a state that was not on the list of affected states when the traveler arrived (including instances in which the traveler arrived in a state prior to the effective date of Executive Order 7III) but became an affected state during the affected traveler’s stay, provided the affected traveler returns to Connecticut not more than seven days following the date such state was added to the list of affected states. Although the Department of Public Health will not pursue civil penalties against such travelers, all such travelers are still strongly encouraged to make every effort to self-quarantine. In addition, such affected travelers are still required to complete a Travel Health Form upon arrival in Connecticut and may be subject to civil penalties by the Department of Public Health for failure to do so.
  • Are there any exemptions for essential workers who have to travel for work? Yes. Workers traveling from affected states to Connecticut and from Connecticut to affected states who work in critical infrastructure as designated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, including students in exempt health care professions, and any state, local, and federal officials and employees, are exempt from the self-quarantine requirement when such travel is work-related. Such essential workers are required to complete the Travel Health Form.
  • If I am a Connecticut essential worker and must travel to an affected state for a funeral of a family member or to have an end of life visit with a loved one, am I required to self-quarantine upon my return to Connecticut? A Connecticut essential worker who travels to an affected state for certain reasons and satisfies the testing alternative is exempt from the self-quarantine requirement, but only for purposes of going to work, and shall self-quarantine for any portion of the fourteen (14) day self-quarantine period that he or she is not working. The permitted reasons are: travel to Connecticut to drop-off a child at school, to attend to a family member or a loved one whose physical or mental health or well-being is at risk, to attend to a family member or loved one’s medical procedure, or to assist with end of life care, to have an end of life visit, or to attend the funeral of a family member or loved one. The testing alternative requires that the essential worker (1) have had a negative test result for COVID-19 in the seventy-two (72) hours prior to arriving in Connecticut and (2) have provided written proof of such test result to the Commissioner of Public Health via email to: or via facsimile to: 860-326-0529. If a test was obtained in the seventy-two (72) hours prior to travel but the result is still pending at the time of arrival in Connecticut, such essential worker shall remain in self-quarantine in Connecticut until the test result is received and, if such test result is negative, the result is submitted to the Commissioner. If the test result is positive and the essential worker is asymptomatic, he or she shall self-isolate for ten (10) days from the date of the test; if symptomatic, he or she should seek medical assistance. The essential worker is required to complete the Travel Health Form.
  • If I am an essential worker who visited an affected state on vacation, am I required to self-quarantine upon my return to Connecticut? Yes, essential workers who travel to Connecticut from an affected state or from Connecticut to an affected state for vacation are required to self-quarantine and complete the Travel Health Form.
  • How long is the self-quarantine? The advisory requires visitors to Connecticut from affected states to self-quarantine for a period of fourteen (14) days from the time they were last in the affected state. If you board a plane in an affected state today, and land in Connecticut today, your fourteen (14) days begins today. If you are in Connecticut for a period less than fourteen (14) days, you should plan to be in self-quarantine throughout your visit. If you left an affected state and spent time in non-affected states prior to arriving in Connecticut, you start counting your fourteen (14) day period from the time you left the affected state and if only five (5) of those fourteen (14) days are spent in Connecticut, you will need to self-quarantine in Connecticut for those five (5) days.

For more answers to other FAQs, click here.

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(63) comments

rick be

I read your comment,Duffy and believe every word you reported.I am no interested in enough to raise a few questions I have. The way I feel now is how I felt at the very beginning: Nothing is worth seriously damaging the US economy-full speed ahead,so we lose a few more,even if one of them is me.I felt the same way in Nam,my life is on the line for my country and my fellows and think any patriot should feel that way.

Brian C. Duffy

Indoor dining is putting your life on the line for your country? That's hysterical.


Apparently it takes 24 hours of exposure to get the virus. You don't have to fill out the form or quarantine if you've been in an affected state for less than 24 hours. Yup- that makes sense. Your government at "work"!

rick be

None of this makes any sense except to those cowering in abject fear already.


"Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania were added to the list of impacted locations this week, and Rhode Island was removed.

The governor's office said New Jersey and Rhode Island meet the criteria for the travel advisory, but due to the interconnected nature of the region, they are not being included on the list."

Good thing we're not connected to Massachusetts. Wait, huh........?


What about the casino's.. Are they allowing out of state persons??


Why is New Jersey not on the list? Why is Florida still on the list? Not sure your system is working. All your doing is wrecking your economy. Panic Panic Panic

rick be

None of this makes any sense except to drive

the dagger of fear into every heart in Corrupticut.

Then only the Demonrats can save you.


Only a fool would make this about politics. You seem well qualified.

rick be

It is easier to see our character defects in others,then in ourselves.

Here ForThe Comments

Listen to them my friend. No sunshine, no human interactions, high financial stress, lots of anxiety and fear and don’t forget to wear your mask 24/7. I have no trust in humanity these days

Here ForThe Comments

By the way, very creative with the name it rhymes well


No need to panic. Wear your mask. Wash your hands regularly. Don't be a d*ck. It is not that difficult and hopefully we will get a vaccine soon.

rick be

Stay in the cellar until then,

we've wasted enough time not living.


Busy working. Thanks anyway. Feel free to keep your head in the sand.


Yeah. Our mayors, governors are panicking their constituents for nothing. After all, we've "turned the corner" when it comes to the pandemic. By golly, Trump said so himself. Right?


Add CT to that list as well.


When is CT getting added to the list? Come on, it meets the criteria Laloser specified for a ban. Come on Laloser, get with it, or is it more of do as I say, not as I do?

rick be

Why don't we just mandate a Wuhan Flu test upon arrival-for everyone?

If it is positive then go into quarantine. Even have a test ordered before the

plane is boarded.


Here is an interesting statistic. Florida has 52 deaths per 100,000 people. Connecticut has 125 deaths per 100,000 people. Florida should ban CT residents, but they're too smart to do that.

Uh huh

This whole situation is BatSh!t crazy!

The “righties” (who seem to never see themselves as being wrong... hence the nickname, I guess) don’t believe in the Pandemic, don’t believe in the measures the CDC has put forward to slow and hopefully stop it, and they are working hard to burn down any democracy we (meaning ALL of us Americans) have.

Now I’m not giving the “lefties” a pass either. While the greed of the “righties” is sucking the life out of anyone who doesn’t conform to their standards of living (wealthy stay wealthy by taking advantage of the rest of the poplulace), the “lefties” are sick of society the way it is (and rightfully so), but to tear everything down would be both idiotic and stupid.

My hope is that an independent will come from somewhere with answers to the problems both sides have, get into a high office and put their solutions to work. Pie in sky thinking? Yup, but when no one listens, everyone is deaf.

Simple Logic

Why don't we just say all 49 states are on the travel advisory? Why stop at 34? You come into CT, you fill out a form...okay, let's have all 49 state travelers fill out a form. It doesn't do anything, other than now they have to fill out a form. I hear constantly of people traveling in from the 'hot spot' states and going grocery shopping after they get back from their trip because they now need to restock their fridge, or meeting up with family, friends, etc. Having a form to fill out is pointless. And having the news report on every new state that gets added to the advisory list every few days is even more...why waste the news space? Just make it all the states and be done with it.... it's the same outcome either way. Very few, if any are self-quaranteeing after coming in from those 34 states. Does anyone actually believe that they are?????

rick be

Maybe 1 in 10 comply,certainly not one more.


Why is NJ not on your list?

rick be

Wait until tomorrow,it will be.


what about the truckers from those states making deliveries here in CT. 14day prison also


We have front row seats to the self implosion of the U.S. economy and most people cant even open their eyes to see it.

Pandemic is fake.

We never measured the flu virus cases like this.

China is extremely pleased with us.

Comment deleted.

At least you keep consistency in that your responses are useless garble.


"pandemic is fake." Yes, that's why the republican majority states are struggling to beat it and are experiencing a surge in cases. And, no, we don't count flu cases like this because the flu kills far fewer people per year than this virus did in just 5 months.

rick be

It seems almost no one got the seasonal flu

this year-what a coincidence.


As usual you are wrong.

rick be

Look it up-it was shown to me and I believed.

Brian C. Duffy

Today's story Baldwin:

CDC has reported 300,000 excess disease deaths from all causes from January - October 2020 as compared to a 'normal' year similar time frame. 200k from Covid plus 100k unexplained. Were there 300k more flu deaths? No. Did 300k more elderly folks suddenly appear this year and subsequently die? No.

Brian Duffy ~~ " Look it up-shown to you so you can believe."


The two Tsar governors and their puppy dog Lumpmont taking away civil liberties again. When did this become Russia? How about these spineless, two-faced governors hold all the "protesters" accountable for breaking the COVID-19 rules they already have in place! What a joke.


We are leading the nation in our response and you still whine and cry? Grow the eff up and stop.

rick be

What about our spineless Corrupticut Legislators who gave up their responsibility to Guvna Lament and allowed him to continue to destroy our state-VOTE THEM OUT!!

jan w

The tri states have done a great job, we're ahead of everyone else . Nobody took this virus seriously but us...not even our President


Our shutdown and reopening timeline and requirements have actually conformed nearly exactly to the guidance issued from the President, all the way down to the names and definitions of the reopening stages.


You are friggin insane. They went so hard against tRump he was calling them names and ridiculed their governance. THEN, he started following the Governors’ lead to a small degree after it was proved how well their models worked.

rick be

Where'd you dream that?


Lamont always looks unsure of himself. There's no comparing him to Cuomo, and perhaps Murphy.


He's in over his head(hence my statement about doing what Cuomo does). If he had put a 2 weeks quarantine on people coming from NY(like RI did), back in late March, we wouldn't have nearly as many cases as we do.


NY and CT are 2 of the best performing states in regards to handling the virus. If his looking unsure is upsetting to you, then you have the issue.

jan w



We are now. But a couple of months ago, we were the laughingstock of the nation. The virus has burned its way through our urban centers, and the rural areas know how to live wisely. That's pretty much it. And even now, our death rate is quite high, because it got into nursing homes... I fear that, when the dust settles, the other states' high infection rates will mean less than their low death rates due to successfully isolating the virus from the vulnerable.


You must have forgotten the /s for sarcasm because you cannot be serious with that comment. NY was a complete MESS when it started and Cuomo's(and our precious govenor's) lack of response had it blowing up. Cuomo is also responsible for THOUSANDS of the elderly deaths with his moronic policy of sending recovering Covid patients BACK to the retirement homes.

To put it in perspective..

Location Confirmed Deaths

New York 403K 31,934

California 288K 6,563

This is to date. NY has HALF the population of CA, yet CA has over 120K LESS cases and also note the amount of deaths. NY has almost 5 TIMES the amount of deaths vs CA. Many of the NY deaths were from the idiotic policy I mentioned above

Please stop trying to defend them,


Lamont isn't even in the same league as Andrew Cuomo. Not even close. Cuomo appealed to many successful New Yorkers, working in Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan, etc. Lamont appealed to the local countrybumpkin.


We are leading the nation with our response. Keep on complaining if you must.


All he does is follow what Cuomo does! He can't think on his own.

WHY didn't he do this when NY was blowing up with cases in late March, like Rhode Island and Maryland did, at the time? That would have cut our infection rates dramatically.

Ugh. Time for a serious change.


What about people of Fairfield county who commute to and from NYC for work should they quarantine for 2 weeks as well? More draconian measures based on flawed models. Ned looks like a kid who scratched his daddy's car. If any of this is politically motivated then this is state sponsored terrorism and a violation of the Patriot act


Consider reading the article before commenting. "As of Wednesday, the states included in the advisory were Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas".


Amazing that these people actually need videos because they can’t READ OR COMPREHEND information. No wonder we can’t trust anything anymore. That comment you replied to is a prime example of why our country is burning right now


Let me clarify for you. No need to quarantine between two states not involved in the advisory. Do you understand this?


New York is not on the quarantine list. Neither is New Jersey.


Really? CT is one of the best performing states when dealing with this pandemic. Especially considering that lots of people that work in NY live in CT. Would you rather have someone like the governor of Florida or Arizona or Tennessee or Texas?


Yes I would . Killer Cuomo is responsible for over 10k deaths in a period of 3 months after stuffing sick seniors with the virus back into nursing homes while refusing the naval medical ship that was never used. King Lamont taking marching orders from a 3 state tribunal and a $2mil state funded consultant since he's an incompetent. Stay scared and remember to be afraid, be very afraid in an information age where we each have web access and plenty of info now available to the public on a virus with a 99% survival rate for the able bodied.


Absolutely clueless you are.


Yes, the able bodied have a 99% survival rate. However, if you have a heart and think of the people that have medical conditions that make this disease a nightmare, you would see that it has a poor survival rate. You reverenced the "information age" and "web access." Maybe you should take your own advice and use them to gather all pertinent information.


For Dan7543: I would encourage you to use the internet to gather all pertinent information as well. You could start with the months-old article from the New York Times - hardly a right-wing conspiracy theorist publication - that criticized Cuomo for his decision regarding nursing homes and predicted that it would have tragic consequences.


GTL, So how are they going to speak about DeSantis and Ducey and all the other state governors that are going through this resurgence? NYS and CT and the rest of the states that required masks are doing fine. Its the places where they opened too soon and/or never mandated masks.


read your own words. For the ABLE BODIED...

There are many of us with underlying conditions, fighting cancer, autoimmune diseases and illnesses etc etc. Use your “web access” to find out about that instead of spouting “statistical” information that isn’t even close to a full understanding

rick be

For some death is a tragedy,some a favor and for the most here in Corrupticut,a blessing.


Connecticut is not a state that many have a reason to visit. Other states have a reason for "outsiders" to visit. Who knew our lack of tourism would be our saving grace?

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