Unions raise concerns over recent assaults on corrections officers


The unions representing Department of Correction employees in the Cheshire-area prisons are raising concerns over recent assaults.

The unions are calling for action after multiple assaults on staff at Manson Youth Institution.

According to AFSCME Local 387 President Rudy Demiraj, there have been three attacks on MYI staff.

Demiraj described the attacks as “violent.”

The assaults took place on May 17, May 31 and June 4.

The victims of the assaulted were a teacher, a correctional lieutenant, and a correctional officer.

"Manson Youth Institution is not a summer camp, and we are not camp counselors," Demiraj commented. "This is not the first time we have raised concerns. The agency has watered down the deterrents that could prevent violent behavior by the inmate population. There is a vacuum of accountability that emboldens inmates to act out."

AFSCME Local 387 represents correctional officers and other front-line state prison employees at Cheshire Correctional Institution and Manson Youth Institution.

The Department of Corrections responded to these concerns with a statement from spokeswoman Karen Martucci saying in part,” An assault on a Department of Correction employee is simply intolerable. Let me reassure the staff and the public at large, that criminal justice reform in the State of Connecticut prisons is not taking place at the expense of public safety. The inmates involved in the separate incidents at the Manson Youth Institution have been held accountable for their actions. Two of these inmates involved, were transferred to the Northern Correctional Institution (the Department’s highest level facility) for placement on Administrative Segregation within hours of the respective incidents. While the third is on restrictive status at the Manson facility. The Warden of the Manson Youth Institution has met with representatives from both the correction officer’s Union as well as the teachers Union to insure proper procedures are followed and to insure that similar incidents do not repeat themselves. “

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