WASHINGTON (WFSB) – Three hundred Connecticut national guardsmen are be part of a huge security presence in the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Political experts and members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation are cautiously optimistic that Inauguration Day’s transfer of power will be peaceful.

The biggest reason for that confidence is they believe the unprecedented level of security will prevent any kind of attempted insurrection like what was seen on Jan. 6 at the capitol. Moving forward, experts said any hope of easing tension in the future will begin with the tone set by President-Elect Joe Biden as soon as he takes the Oath of Office.

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Wednesday, thousands of military and law enforcement personnel were in Washington DC. It was a sight that either made people feel safer or put them on edge.

The U.S. Capitol is under an unprecedented amount of security on Inauguration Day.

University of New Haven national security Prof. Matthew Schmidt said the inauguration could mark a turning point if Biden can effectively use his speech to bring people together.

Dr. Matthew Schmidt, a Professor of National Security and Political Sciencce at the University of New Haven, talks about what many people are hoping and expecting to hear during Biden's inaugural speech.

“He’s going to use his oratorical skills to make [people] feel safer than they have in a long time with this pandemic,” Schmidt said. “He’s going to come across as authoritative as calming as competent.”

Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat, said he believes the large military contingents surrounding the capitol, including the 300 National Guardsmen from the state, will help quell any potential violence. However, he agrees with Schmidt that the nation can't truly heal unless Americans start celebrating the things that bring them together instead of dwelling on what divides them.

“The moment we start thinking of people whose ideas are different than our own as evil or treasonous, this country’s coming apart,” Himes said.

The inauguration is scheduled for noon.

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(2) comments


“The moment we start thinking of people whose ideas are different than our own as evil or treasonous, this country’s coming apart." What does Himes think of Democrat Rep. Cohen's claim that National Guardsmen and the Army should be vetted based on race and gender due to distrust of anybody who belongs to a demographic with many Trump voters in it? What's his take on the twelve Guardsmen who were evicted from their security duty, two of them with ties to local right-wing groups, ten for reasons untold? Is that going to be Biden's idea of "unity"?

Brian C. Duffy

Nice try, oh little one,

Cohen's remarks could have been dismissed as left wing paranoia before January 6. The Indira Gandhi reference was spot on. I'll add Anwar Sadat to that as well. The Guard was obviously correct to vet the D.C. troops, though I doubt it was due to Cohen's remarks.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT

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