Vandals hit Holiday Light Fantasia in Hartford


Vandals damaged a light display in Hartford that helps underprivileged children go to camp.

Police are looking for the people, who caused thousands of dollars of damage to the Holiday Light Fantasia displays. Authorities said the vandalism occurred over the past few weeks.

For this year, the entrance to the Holiday Light Fantasia was updated and was illuminated with toy soldiers. An eyewitness told Eyewitness News that teens began to tear apart that display right in front of her own eyes.

“I (saw) two or three teenagers actually walking up to the soldiers lighting and there were taking the plugs apart, actually literally taking the plugs apart,” Lori Broughton, of Hartford, said.

The incident happened two days ago.

“They actually started cursing at me,” Broughton said.

Destruction that has been going on since maintenance workers began to erect the Holiday Light Fantasia displays weeks ago.

“There's an area that we call vandals alley,” David Levine, who is the maintenance supervisor for Holiday Light Fantasia, said.

Levine took Eyewitness News over to "Vandal's Alley," a remote part of Goodwin Park.

Small signs of damage can be seen, but workers have been mending what's broken so it looks good for visitors. That translates into $10,000 in expenses to fix it all according to Channel Three Kids Camp CEO Denise Hornbecker.

“I think what people need to realize is that we're here providing a fundraising opportunity, so that we're able to send kids to camp all summer and its kinds that are coming from Hartford,” Hornbecker said.

Unfortunately, this has happened at Holiday Light Fantasia in 2012 and 2013. Damage was far worse then, but this year, is still proving to be frustrating and costly for everyone.

“It makes it bad for the neighbors and other little children that enjoy,” Broughton said. “Stuff like that it makes it bad for us families."

There was also an incident on Nov. 27 when organizers said teens threw rocks at cars visiting Holiday Light Fantasia. It was reported to police.

A spokesman said the police department is aware of a couple of incidents in the past week.

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