HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A suspect was arrested in Hartford after a stolen vehicle was thought to have two children in it.

Police identified him as 19-year-old Elijah Jorden of East Hartford.

Police said Tuesday morning that the vehicle was recovered in the back of 30 Gillette St. and that the children were safe. 

Hartford police provided an update on the situation around 10:30 a.m.

"This wasn't what we thought it was initially," said Lt. Paul Cicero, Hartford police. "At 8:52 [Tuesday] morning we received a 911 call regarding a stolen motor vehicle with two children in the car, ages 8 and 9, from the are of Barbour and Risley streets."

"A vehicle was observed in the rear of 30 Gillette St., occupied," Cicero said. 

Police swarmed to the Gillette Street location. See the video here.

"Upon trying to converge upon the vehicle, the suspect rammed a cruiser, twice," Cicero said. "He was taken into custody safely."

He said officers grabbed him when he tried get out of the vehicle.

Police said the suspect had in his possession a loaded firearm and considerable amount of a marijuana.

"Thankfully, the children were not in the vehicle at the time," Cicero revealed. 

The mother later told police that she drove to the area of a Barbour and Risley streets with the children and went inside a daycare to drop off a baby. When she returned, the car was gone and so were the children.

"The 8 and 9 year olds saw the bus and saw a neighborhood friend who offered to give them a ride," Cicero said. "One got on the bus, one took the ride with a family friend."

The children were confirmed to be at two different schools.

Police said they have video of the car heading southbound, which helped them find it on Gillette Street.

Another scene related to the incident unfolded on Farmington Avenue and Laurel Street in Hartford. However, it's unclear why police were there.

Police described the vehicle as a gray four-door Honda Civic with registration AN85294.

Hartford police initially posted the vehicle's information on their Twitter feed.

Cicero said the incident boiled down to something that happens a lot this time of year.

"It's something that we deal with every year, especially with the cold months," he said. "People leave their cars running to warm them up or to keep them warm. Opportunists, people in the area, jump in the car and take the car."

Jorden was charged with larceny, assault on police, possession of a controlled substance and other charges.

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rick be

Someone on the way to St Francis saw a way there that was better than waiting for the bus.


Happy the kids are safe.

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