Vernon couple becomes latest victims of crumbling concrete epidemic

A Vernon couple recently found out they are the latest victims of the crumbling concrete epidemic (WFSB)

Dozens of Vernon homeowners just learned their biggest investment is virtually worthless.

The latest victims of Connecticut’s crumbling concrete epidemic live in the Ryefield Two condo complex.

More than 20 homeowners got the earth-shattering news in a three-page letter, and because the repairs can cost six figures, the victims feel trapped.

Jamieson Gill was stunned when he came home from work on Monday to find his wife crying.

According to the inspection report, the buildings have spider-web and foundation cracks that are indicative of crumbling concrete.

The note was from the Gills’ condo association letting them know that their home is essentially worthless.

They're the latest victims of Connecticut’s crumbling concrete epidemic.

“It was upsetting to think that all this hard work and the mortgage you continue to pay day-in-and-day-out essentially nothing right now,” Gill said.

Management at the Ryefield Two complex alerted the Gills, and about 25 other homeowners, that tainted concrete is causing their foundations to fail.

The Gills’ basement walls don't have cracks yet, but Jamieson Gill knows the basics from media reports. Experts say concrete tainted by the mineral pyrrhotite is causing the issue, but no one is helping the victims financially.

“Hearing the last several months about other surrounding towns having the same issues, you just hope that it wasn't going to happen in your town and now it's come to that,” Gill said.

The homeowners are still left holding the bag, especially after a state investigation found the concrete company didn't break any laws and FEMA declined to help.

The Gills aren't sure where they'll turn...they may have to sue their insurance company, as other victims have done.

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