MADISON, CT (WFSB) - The wicked Summer weather has taken a toll on a popular shoreline spot for veterans.

The VFW post in Madison is in need of tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and they’re hoping the community can come through.

As Eyewitness News saw first-hand, the roof has major leaks.

In fact, they were catching the rain with pots and pans. That’s how bad it’s was.

Years ago, these types of repairs would be done by the membership. Today, that membership is aging, so that’s why this VFW post is asking for money or volunteers, or else they’re going to need to vacate.

"I have members anywhere from 91 years old down to recently retired army sergeants," VFW 2096 Post Commander Larry Brundrette stated.

The VFW post in Madison has a diverse membership.

"Serving from Korea all the way to Afghanistan and Iraq," Brundrette noted.

The post on Lover’s Lane was built in the late fifties and between Henri and Ida, the roof is not holding up very well.

"Six by eight section at least of the roof and the leaks come in through the attic, and over our ductwork, which is our heating area, and onto our nice floor," explained Brundrette.

Those are the immediate problems and Larry says before, members would take it upon themselves to do repairs. That’s no longer an option.

"The majority of our members are in their seventies, eighties, and one is over 90," says Brundrette.

This VFW post faces other unique challenges.

The bar, which may be prominent at other posts, are an afterthought. Madison’s revenue comes from fundraisers, donations, and renters, like Madison’s own Hometown Bakery.

A yoga studio took up space at the VFW, but had to leave after the leaks.

"She’s unable to use the facility and had to leave our facility, which hurts us, because of the income from the classes," continued Brundrette.

That’s why the post and it’s more than eighty members who valiantly served our country are now looking for some help.

"We’re getting by, by the skin of our teeth. Between the roof, the tenant leaving, now the big insurance bill, we’re in big trouble," said Brundrette.

The magic number is $25,000. They’re looking for donations or volunteers who can make the repairs.

"There’s a sister post in Guilford and Clinton. I would be amenable to them merging with us or contributing their membership to ours and pool our resources. I don’t think any of us can survive individually. I think, jointly, we could," added Brundrette.

The bills are piling up and if you’d like to help, you can learn more about the GoFundMe that's been established here.

Those looking to volunteer can contact VFW Post 2096 in Madison at 203-245-9938.

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