(WFSB) - The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, as it update its masking guidelines on Tuesday, according to an administration health official.

Do you agree with that recommendation?

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My answer was "no", and the reason is because tests have shown that the vaccine I had is effective against the Delta variant. When the Democrats flipped out and claimed that the vaccines were worthless because Trump, I trusted the science. When the Democrats flipped out and said everyone needed the vaccine because Biden, I trusted the science. I've seen the reports come in, one-by-one, for each vaccine, and the one I had is particularly good against all current variants. So I trust the science.


You trust the science so much that you are trying to politicize the vaccine? Cool.


Nope, I'm doing the opposite. If I were to politicize the vaccine, I wouldn't take it. I've got a long history of being hurt by Democrat policies. Sorry if that breaks your heart. But if they want to gain my trust, they've got to do better than raising the costs of gas and food every darn time they get into office and then taxing the working poor every time they need more money. I took the vaccine because I was looking at the studies. Better luck next time.


Nice try. I can read, thanks. That is exactly what you did. The vaccine and the virus do not have politics.

Brian C. Duffy

Democrats never said vaccines were "worthless".

September 2020:

"Washington Gov. Jay Inslee demonstrated the Democrats’ balancing act on Friday when asked whether he would be willing to take a vaccine released by the administration before the election.

“If all the protocols had been followed and the evidence is in, of course, I’d follow science. It doesn’t matter when it happens,” Inslee told The Associated Press. “But I would have to look at the science, not Donald Trump. There isn’t one single thing I would ever trust from Donald Trump to be true.”


That's nice, but I wasn't referring to Inslee.


Let us know what politician you were referring to while you were not politicizing the vaccine?


They can ask all they want. I will just say "I'm good".

If that's not good enough for them, I will gladly take my money elsewhere


No, it's nobodies business!, including businesses and companies. What happen to the all mighty HIPAA? When somebody asks me, I ask them if they have had a proctology exam lately. We will NEVER get 70%, we will probably not exceed 50%, which is a damned site better than the average of 38% for the flu vaccines. Adding to that, these untested vaccines will not last - like the flu vaccine, you need a new one annually, and it's a "guess" as to where the flu has mutated. It will be exactly the same for Covid. The good news it has an equal chance of mutating to be less powerful as it does to become more powerful. People getting vaccines now will be getting boosters in the fall when the virus picks back up. The numbers are lower now just as the flu numbers are always lower this time of the year. Wait until fall, oh, and no Trump to blame this time. Glorious!


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