NEWINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Tolls are an issue that many are very passionate about.

This is also one where the candidates differ and some voters say this is their number one priority and will vote based on this issue alone.

Since Connecticut removed tolls in the 1980s, for years, lawmakers bounced around the idea of bringing them back, but it never got anywhere.

Now, the idea is closer to becoming a reality.

Connecticut just paid $10 million for a study looking at tolls.

Estimates show the state plans to make $750 million to a $1 billion, annually, if tolls were to be installed.

The opinions varied, but one thing is that folks are passionate.

Michelle Molnar from Berlin doesn’t mind the idea of tolls. She paid them daily when she lived in Texas.

“They were on every little thruway, everywhere, it was really obnoxious,” Molnar said.

That experience, however, didn’t sour her on tolls. She said they could be put up on major highways like I-91 and I-84.

Maureen Lomando drew the line in the sand long ago, and says no to tolls.

“I don’t want to pay more money. I travel every day to go to work, 60 miles a day, round trip. I have to pay tolls because I go to work?” she said.

The Waterbury commuter says the candidate who agrees with her will get her vote.

“I will vote for the one that’s not for tolls,” Lomando said.

During the debates on Channel 3, both candidates got the question.

Democrat Ned Lamont said “I’d find a way to raise the revenue, like I said, tolling on tractor trailers and put the money towards fixing our roads and bridges.”

His opponent, Republican Bob Stefanowski said “It’s never going to happen in my administration. You can’t trust the government to do what they say they will do with the money.”

Looking at other states, Rhode Island’s tolls on tractor trailers made more than $500,000 dollars in the first month.

Massachusetts rakes in $400 million annually, and New York brings in $700 million.

Laura Carlone says she’d be worried about how congested the toll free roads would be.

“Is it going to cause delays when you’re trying to travel, I have two little ones, so is it going to make things more difficult,” Carlone said.

Stefanowski says absolutely no tolls. Lamont argues he has no solution and will borrow more from other areas just to spare drivers.

Either way, tolls can only be implemented by the legislature.

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